Certain Office carpet cleaning mistakes that you should avoid

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Regular cleaning can boost the longevity of your carpets while making them look ultra-luxurious. Maybe you are one of those who really like to keep their carpets clean, but if you are not aware of the carpet cleaning methods, there will be chances of serious damage.

If you want to change the overall appearance of your carpets and make your office space look more professional, you should hire the carpet cleaning services Singapore.


So, here in this article instead of telling you the right methods of carpet cleaning, we will tell you about certain mistakes that you must avoid.




Carpets and spills have a deeper relationship and that is why you will see coffee stains, wine stains, or ink stains on your carpets. These stains can’t be washed through the regular method and that is why most in-house office cleaners chose the scrubbing method and unknowingly damage the carpets. 


Scrubbing might look effective as it can remove the stains up to an extent, but the method will severely damage the carpet fibers. So, when the carpet fiber is damaged, it will not look as attractive as it was before and the longevity will be greatly reduced. 


All we can suggest to you is try to blot the stain as soon as you notice them without letting it dry. If the stain enters into the deeper level of the fiber, it will become more strenuous to clean it off.


Cleaning dry carpets


You must think of professional cleaning when your office carpets get extremely dirty, but that doesn’t mean you can skip regular cleaning. If you avoid cleaning for a long time while it is been in use, it will start to accumulate dust and dirt, making it a breeding ground for the dust mites.

As the dust keeps on deposited on the carpet, the quality will soon wear off. So, no matter what, you must never skip carpet cleaning and ask your in-house cleaner to vacuum them regularly. Besides, if you want to ensure the best cleaning for your office, we would suggest you hire part time office cleaner Singapore from one of the top-rated commercial cleaning agency.


Choosing wrong cleaning products


All the carpets may look the same and may be used for the same purpose, but still, they are different from each other and in need of different cleaning products. We know that you will want the best cleaning products for your carpets, but to do that you will need to understand the material.


However, most people ignore this fact buy one common cleaning product for everything in the office, which includes office furniture and other upholstery items and even the equipment. Unless you buy the right cleaning products for your carpets, you will never be able to attain deep cleaning but will end up damaging the carpets.


Using deodorizing powder


Some prefer to use deodorizing powders as they keep off the bad odors, but they will not give you the much-needed deep cleaning. 


Yes, they may be necessary to remove the unpleasant smell, but even after that, it is not cleaning. So, keep the deodorizing powders as long as you are buying the best quality, but don’t skip complete carpet cleaning once in a while.


Not hiring professionals


Hiring the professional carpet cleaners would be your best bet to elongate the lifespan of your carpets while retaining their beauty. The professional cleaning services do not just hire trained employees but have all the necessary equipment that can provide you with the desired cleaning.

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