Casino Tables vs. Slots: Which Has The Better Odds?

by Bryce Roberts Travel Writer

Casino games online belong to a single niche, but the betting public is evenly divided into its two main streets - table games and slots. While there are players who dabble in these two game types well at the same time, many who just started to play casino online can’t draw the line between the two, faced with the dilemma of choosing which game type has the better odds.

So which street should you be entering?

Some are quick to say table games have better odds, since it’s the one where you get the chance to incorporate a little skill in your play. And when you get this chance, you’ll be able to be in control of your fate a little better. Slots just don’t give that kind of leverage. True or false? Read this casino guide that analyzes popular table games and slot games, then decide for yourself.


Known for its simple mechanics yet high payouts, Baccarat is one of the most popular and easiest card games to play in the casino. It’s also tagged as a game that has the best odds, when played right. What casino players can learn from this is that because house edge in Baccarat is only at 1%, it’s imperative to always bet on the banker to maximize this high chance of winning. Odds are low in Baccarat when betting on player and ties, instances that happen very rarely, so better to be on the safe side that risk more.


When you play casino online looking for that one game that can give you the highest probability of winning, then Blackjack is for you. By simply memorizing the rules and the situations you can best apply them along with a sound game plan or strategy, even for starters you’ll surely reduce the house edge down to half. But it isn’t always blue skies with this one; odds can still get very low when you place bets with high house edge like insurance bets, among others. So always bet to your advantage.


Craps is one of those fast-paced games that pack an exciting punch, but aside from its entertainment value its odds are also promising. Bettors who play casino online regularly find that odds of winning are high when betting on Don’t Pass which is considered a safe bet, but if you want to add a bit more spice to your game then betting on Don’t Come is rather a quite risky move but its potential on returns is high.


Now on to the casino game that is highly looked down upon, but also very frequently overestimated - slot machines. Most casino players would say that slots have the worst odds as many variations tend to play against the player, but there are still tons slot games and lots of times where the payout is at the peak of all winnings. So how do you know if you’re playing at the right odds? Choose a casino betting site that has a good variation of slots, and then tweak your betting style by placing your bets on the maximum number of paylines.

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