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by Shraabona Sengupta Career Blogger
Being a part of a traditional culture and heritage based nation like India, we’ve seen a weird notion among the parents here which makes them force their children to choose Science or Commerce streams over Humanities (Arts); There’s a myth of better earning doctors and engineers and accountants – any career based on Arts is a complete fool’s choice in the market of Indian Economy, it seems.

But what is the actual truth about choosing Arts as your High-school subject stream?

Geography, History, Economy, Literature… I can keep on listing all the potential Arts subject over here, but let’s not waste much time over it.

Remember those times you were chosen as the spokesperson at school debates? It was because your teachers considered yourself to be a very good Orator… Or how every time a scouting campaign was held, you were chosen as one of the lead marketeers for products made by your classmates? That proves that they trusted you enough with your marketing skills. And it is a lie that to pursue a subject that might be based on a totally different stream – like Psychology is based on science or Marketing on Commerce – it’s necessary for you to pursue that said stream only.

Arts is only known so little by so many person around this world.

Most of the Poets, Painters, Musicians, Creative Artistes, Writers, Politicians, Sociologists, Social Service (Human Rights) Workers, Literature Enthusiasts, Human Resource Specialists, Psychologists/Counselors, Economist, Social Workers, Journalists, Anthropologists, Archaeologists & Professors and more on – none of them would’ve been what they are today if they opted for any stream other than Arts in their yesteryear.

So do you still think that you’ll fall back if you choose something that others do not?

The question is – do you want to pursue what your heart wants the most?

If you are sure of that – convincing your parents and helping you choose the best suitable career won’t be problem… thanks to CAT!

Don’t worry - your pet won’t be helping you any more than being a de-stress ball for measuring your career options – but Career Aptitude Test will.

CAT is an age-old method used for deducting an individual’s abilities, capabilities and limitations regarding all the available options in a given field. It was first used by War generals back in the 19th Century, to test the mental strength of the deployed soldiers and how effective they’ll be at the upcoming wars.

CAT is mostly based on Psychometric (Mind Measurement) devices, which are basically a set of tests which will help the examiners to get a full view on a person’s mental shape and thought process. If it’s analytical, it’s more suitable for business studies, if it’s creative then arts should be the chosen road, a rational one should follow science-y stuffs and so the process follows on.

Among all the available online aptitude tests for Class X & Class XII students, there are only a few genuine ones which will familiarize you with your choices and the puzzles of your brain better than ever before – the most popular and original one being the Career Assessment for Indian Students.

The hottest topic in the Indian Student’s Forum, it consists of a set of tests that are carefully assessed, sorted and prepared by a selected board of Psychological Consultants, Career Counselors & Teenage Behavioral Psychology Specialists. This online career aptitude test will not only help you understand your choices clearer than ever before, but will also guide you through further prospective steps, provide you with an in-depth view on the available Pay-scale and promotion options, and will give you an additional training so that you become apt in your choice of career in the shortest possible time!

But it’s not all words and magic and open-sesame when it comes to the question of working hard and true. Knowledge plays a very essential part, yes, but 95% of the effectiveness depends on your patience and perseverance - and if you are capable of holding your place stronger than any of your competitors – we welcome you with open arms! Accept the challenge and show your acquaintances that you were not wrong at knowing what your mind is truly meant for!

Let’s go earn some respect, money & guaranteed job satisfaction– let’s go CAT-climbing!

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Interesting..but can a test really tell enough about the person´s talents ?
Jan 1st 2019 10:09   
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