Car Interior Cleaning- Ultimate Guide to Cleaning

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Along with owning a car comes the responsibility of maintaining the car; and maintaining the car is not always for the aesthetics, but also for the health and safety reasons. For example, a rolling can of the cake could potentially be harmful if it comes below the brake of the car, the continuous odour of food debris can attract the germs that can cause diseases, etc. The best way to clean your car's interior is to take your car to the nearest Permagard car care centre, which has proven to be the best car interior protection in India.

Thus, the following are some tips for car interior cleaning:

  First is a tip that may seem fancy to a few, but its impact has been known to increase the life of car filters. It is to sanitize the air vents of the car with steam. It not only keeps the air inside the car smelling fresh but also keeps the air clean.


 During winter, it can get rid of the germs that cause common flu, thus saving your car from the air-borne bacteria and germs. Health comes first. Do not wait to fall sick to have a reason to amend your car interiors. Sanitizing the air vent is thus, important, at least once in a week.


        Leather seats in your car are costly; thus, they undoubtedly demand attention and care. But it should not be forgotten that they are easy to clean as well. They just need to be wiped as it does it absorb any food particles or liquids.


The sun has a damaging effect on leather seats. So, the conditioners not only save the leather from drying up but also prevent from getting it aged before it is supposed to.


The method of application is such that, the conditioner should be applied on a cloth and then it needs to be wiped off from the leather seats. It will take a few moments to dry up, after which they will look spanking new and clean.

Best way to keep the leather seats clean and new is using Permagard's anti-microbial shield and co-polymer coating that will keep the germs away and will help in maintaining the leather seats.



  To clean the engine with steam is an idea that is opposed by a few. However, truth be told, it does a lot of help to your car. The general misunderstanding that steam can destroy the car engine is baseless.


It clears the engine from all the diesel debris, dust, grimes and even mud that enables the engine to function like it did when it was new.  However, the number of times engines need to be steamed on the area you live in.


  Stains on the car seats are the sign of ill mannerism and unprofessional. It gives the car an extremely shabby look by staining the beauty of a good-looking interior of a car.


They not only turn off the view of the onlooker but also, the more time they are stained, the more difficult it is to remove the stains later. But then, why wait for it to stay that long. Stains should be wiped off immediately.


  There are certain painted regions inside the car as well. They should be kept maintained as well. One could use best car interior treatment in India Permagard’s co-polymer coating for interior and anti-microbial shield to protect the car from bacteria and germs.


The crux of it all is that it is high time we understand that the amount of respect we give our car is directly proportional to the respect we will get back from our car.

The effect of maintenance is highly underrated. If you are unable to do it yourself, then getting professional help such as Permagard car care centre is always an option, but it is mandatory to keep their car interiors clean for aesthetic and health reasons.

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