Can you buy eco friendly bubble wrap for moving house?

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When you move house you will inevitably need a wide range of packaging materials to help you pack up your belongings before the removal date. This will include a range of cardboard boxes in different sizes, as well as plenty of large bubble wrap for protection, strong packing tape to hold everything together, and maybe some packing tissue paper for delicates and wardrobe boxes for clothes. When you calculate the number of packaging items you will need, it can really be daunting; not only on your wallet but it gives you the scale of your house move for the first time. Another thing you might be conscious about is the impact all of this packaging will have on the environment. It is vital that you pick environmentally friendly options where they are available, but in reality this is easier said than done. Cardboard boxes are almost always environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable (in almost all cases, but check with the packaging company you buy from first). When it comes to bubble wrap, this can be a bit trickier. 
Recycled bubble wrap

So can you buy eco friendly bubble wrap?

  • Yes, you can buy eco friendly bubble wrap rolls and there are a few different options, however not all types of bubble wrap are eco friendly so you have to be extra careful when choosing what you buy.
  • There is a new type of bubble wrap which was only created over the past few years which is called ‘paper bubble wrap’. As the name suggests, it is entirely made from paper. It is a texture between paper and cardboard, so it is slightly firmer than paper but not as hard as cardboard. It is the same shape as normal bubble wrap; it is a long roll with small humps all over it. As it is made from paper, it is made from recycled paper and it is fully recyclable too. This is the most environmentally friendly type of bubble wrap available and it is highly effective at protecting household belongings. It is slightly more expensive than normal bubble wrap however, but not by much.
  • Many of the normal types of bubble wrap are now fully recyclable too. The material that they are made from is now recyclable, so this makes it eco friendly. Almost all packaging companies should offer this now, but some still do not. It is always worth checking with the packaging company that you are buying from whether their bubble wrap is recyclable or not. You would not be able to tell the difference when looking at recyclable bubble wrap for sale versus normal bubble wrap either, the quality standard is very high and it is very effective at protection.
  • So there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose environmentally friendly bubble wrap when moving house and it shouldn’t be too difficult to make that decision and find the eco friendly options from packaging suppliers. 
  • It is a good idea to buy plenty of bubble wrap near me before you move house so that you don’t have to re purchase in the future when you run out. This is the environmentally friendly option because it requires less fuel to deliver the bubble wrap to you each time. Knowing that bubble wrap is recyclable, it is better to have too much than too little and save on the fuel for delivery.

How do you recycle bubble wrap?

  • Recycling bubble wrap after you have moved house couldn’t be easier. Just put it in your normal household recycling bin which is collected each week and they will simply take it away for you. 
  • If you have lots of bubble wrap that is too much for your recycling bin, then you will need to take it down to your local recycling centre yourself. They will have a special section for this, so just ask if you cannot find it. 
  • Always remember that bubble wrap has many different uses and benefits, so you should always try to reuse bubble wrap where possible instead of throwing it out, because even recycling uses fuels to accomplish. You can use bubble wrap for moving, storage or shipping and if you cannot find a use for it, then pass it onto a friend, family member of neighbour who may have a use for it. Local businesses may also find a use for it; you can always find somebody. Children love to play with bubble wrap too and will spend many hours popping the individual bubbles. 

How can you move in an environmentally friendly way?

  • When it comes to the actual house move, the best thing you can do to become as environmentally friendly as possible is to make sure that you pack each load of the removal lorry as full as possible so you save trips back and forth from the new home. 
  • This means less driving and less fuel used, and it will make your day much faster too.
  • It is like a jigsaw puzzle when trying to fill a lorry full of your household belongings and this is where professional removal companies are excellent at it and will be able to offer expert advice on the matter. 
  • You should choose a new house based on environmental factors if you are really serious about helping the environment. Modern houses require much less energy to keep warm, and many have solar panels on the roof too. You can grow your own fruit and vegetables and rely less on supermarkets and eat as healthily as possible. Eating less meat is not necessarily the answer, but driving less and cycling more is a great place to start. 
  • You can use a removal lorry that is powered by electricity rather than petrol or Diesel. They are hard to find, but it is possible and they will be just as effective at completing the move. 

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