Can Ksuite 2.47 Read and Write BMW F-series ECU?

by Alex Carter Mechanic Assistant
Here are questions and answers about: Ksuite software on BMW F series cars.

i would like to do bmw F-series cars which i find on the k-suite 2.47, how do i approach it if the 2.47 is only for kess? the kess is only for obd tuning right? and the k-tag when u need to go directly in the ecu? the f-series are only possible to do directly to the ecu right?
You have to run K-Suite 2.23 when using KTAG and K-Suite 2.47 when using Kess v2 master.

Is there an actual benefit to 2.25 for ktag 7.020? I don’t see any new protocols.
The Ksuite 2.25 works perfectly with KTAG 7.020, is you don’t see anything new, you need a better copy

in the 2.47 under the options button and supported vehicles, if i check the kess menu it only shows E-series cars while under the k-tag menu it also shows F-series cars. 
got any ideas what i need to do F-series cars? are they availiable in the 2.25 through k-tag?
I think you don’t have the right good version including the newest dll and help files

with my k-tag 7.020, if i get k-suite v2.25 instead of the v2.23 should i then be able to do f-series cars? or do i need a different k-tag or what?
2.23 and 2.25 already does F series… look here: a good success

since Ksuite 2.10, Ktag has the protocols for BMW series Fxx (2011-2015).
KTAG – Bootloader Tricore – 666
– Read: YES
– Write: YES
– Checksum Correction: YES
– Direct Connection: 14P600KT02, 144300T105
– Connection using the positioning frame: 14P800ADB1, 14P600KT03, 14P600KT04, 144300T105
ModelModel NameModel FamilyEngineEngine CodeKWHPFuelMYECUECU Version
Bmw1 Series(F20)114d 1600 DN47D16A7095Diesel2011BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F20)116d 2000 DN47D20C85116Diesel2011BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F20)116d ed 1600 DN47D16A85116Diesel2011BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F20)118d 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2011BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F20)120d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2011BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F20)125d 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw1 Series(F21)114d 1600 DN47D16A7095Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F21)116d 2000 DN47D20C85116Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F21)116d ed 1600 DN47D16A85116Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F21)118d 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F21)120d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw1 Series(F21)125d 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw2 Series(F22)218d 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw2 Series(F22)220d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw2 Series(F22)225d 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F30)316d 2000 DN47D20C85116Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F30)318d 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F30)320d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F30)320d ed 2000 DN47D20C120163Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F30)325d 2000 DN47D20C160218Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F30)330d 3000 DN57D30A190258Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F30)335d 3000 DN57D30B230313Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F31)316d 2000 DN47D20C85116Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F31)318d 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F31)320d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F31)325d 2000 DN47D20C160218Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F31)330d 3000 DN57D30A190258Diesel2012BOSCHEDC17C56
Bmw3 Series(F31)335d 3000 DN57D30B230313Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F34)318d GT 2000 DN47D20C105143Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F34)320d GT 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw3 Series(F34)325d GT 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw3 Series(F34)330d GT 3000 DN57D30A190258Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17C56
Bmw3 Series(F34)335d GT 3000 DN57D30B230313Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw4 Series(F32)420d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw4 Series(F32)425d 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw4 Series(F32)430d 3000 DN57D30A190258Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17C56
Bmw4 Series(F32)435d 3000 DN57D30B230313Diesel2013BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw4 Series(F33)420d 2000 DN47D20C135184Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17C50
Bmw4 Series(F33)425d 2000 DN47D20D160218Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17CP45
Bmw4 Series(F33)430d 3000 DN57D30A190258Diesel2014BOSCHEDC17C56
Bmw4 Series(F33)435d 3000 DN57D30B230

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