Can internet service providers see what sites we are browsing?

by Rizwan Khan Professional Interior Designer

We all make use of the internet. We take the internet connection from the internet service providers. But the question is what do they understand what sites we are searching and what are we doing with the internet?

The privacy matters

The answer is yes. The Internet service providers can track what you are doing and what sites you are checking.  As far as internet privacy is concerned, you also have an option of erasing your search history and are safe and sure. There are a few browsers that cover a type of privacy mode and that will permit you to surf and no cookies will be saved. There will not be any temporary files too. So the service provider will not be able to see the history of the browsing.

The best way to be safe

There are some of the modern browsers that also have a mode that says do not track. This will tell the websites that you want to go for the cookies tracking.  These are the solutions that may keep the marketers and other users from seeing the browsing history. But the fact is that your Internet service providers can still check what you are doing and this is done with a safety purpose. This is done so that there will not be any mishap.

Why is your service providing tracking your history?

Now that we have understood the service provider can track what you are doing with the help of a high speed internet. We need to understand after all why he is doing so. You will not have to worry as he is doing this for safety and he will not look at every click by you. Your history will be stored at the system that he has. There are many reasons for which the service provider keeps a watch on your browser.  Your history is like a revenue stream for them. Many of the providers accumulate different browsing logs and they make money by selling them to some marketing companies. The data that the provider gathers can be checked by some other companies like the government or police department.  This is done for security purpose.

What care should be taken?

You need to take care while you browse as your service provider is watching you. If you have a broadband in Chennai then the data can be also accessed by the Chennai police. This is done for safety purpose. This is done in order to save you from any cyber-crime. This is a safe way. This is nothing to worry as it will not make any difference to you.

So if you are using an internet connection keep in mind that your service provider is having a watch on you. He will see what sites you are going through.  He will notice it if you see any site that is not authorised. This is done to save you from any of the cyber-crime.




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