Can cats get depressed?

by Cindy Guerra 10+ Years Experienced Blogger

Apparently, it’s not only humans who get depressed. Cats face depression too! This may sound surprising but it’s actually very true. Cats are quite sensitive and tend to get affected by every little thing. It might be hard to tell or even notice that your cat is depressed. So to answer the question, ‘can cats get depressed?’ We have to discuss the causes and reasons behind it.

Cats are well known for their various personalities. However, if there is a sudden change in your pet’s behavior like being extremely grumpy or reserved, something is definitely wrong.

What are the signs my cat is depressed?

  • Hiding and avoiding affection

As I had earlier mention, cats have their own different personalities. Some of them are shy and not really keen on affectionate gestures such as cuddling. Although, if your ever social cat is hiding or staying away from everyone in the household, then something is not right. Also, a depressed cat might flinch whenever you try to cuddle it or show affection.

  • Change in grooming habits

Over or under grooming may be an indication of depression. People often ask themselves, ‘can cats get depressed?’ Well, this is one of the signs that will open your eyes and make you pay more attention to your pet. For starters, your neat cat will forget about grooming or do a shoddy job at it. This results in knots, dandruff and oily coat.

On other occasions, the depressed cat will over groom leaving behind irritated skin, some open wounds and bald patches.

  • Excessively vocal

The noises your cat makes can indicate it’s unhappy. In this case, your kitty tends to become excessively vocal most especially at night when everyone is trying to catch some sleep.

What are the causes of depression in cats?

  • Death of another cat or a human

Cats are social creatures and can form strong bonds with other cats or humans. For this reason, depression can quickly set in following the loss of a companion. If your kitty is grieving, give it attention but don’t do so forcefully.

  • Lack of enough interaction

All cats require some kind of human interaction and attention. Some may need more attention but it’s all the same. A cat never wants to feel it does not have a companion.  Otherwise, it can easily fall into depression.

  • Abrupt changes in food or litter

One thing that many people may not know about cats is that they are habitual. Sudden changes in its daily routine will result in depression. Make changes to food and litter gradually. This way, your cat has plenty of time to adjust.

  • Injury and illnesses

An ill cat will typically not feel well. In this case, the cat might be in pain or lack the energy to move around or play. Such a kitty will definitely not be happy and tends to be depressed. Check for any signs of sickness and take your pet to the vet.

Additionally, injuries can cause pain to your pet and will limit its activities. The cat may not be able engage in activities it usually enjoys. Hence, its levels of happiness will significantly go down.

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