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You may be wondering whether indoor cats even after living such fancy lives get depressed. The reality of the matter is that every cat has a different personality. This shows that some of them are more outgoing than others. If you notice that suddenly an outgoing cat is reserved and quiet, there’s something with their moods.

In most cases, owners will never know when their cats are depressed or even the reason why the cat is depressed. Though, if you are keen enough to observe the signs, it will be easier to tell when the cat is depressed. This calls for every cat owner to learn signs that show a cat is depressed and also learn some most common reasons why a cat can be depressed.

Signs of a depressed cat

Just remember the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words and so is the cat’s look. To know whether your cat is depressed, it’s always a nice thing to look at how the cat is behaving lately. Pay attention to these signs:

Body language-Did your cat suddenly start holding the ears back, or the hair is standing? Also check to see whether the tail is tucked because it’s another main sign that your cat is depressed. There are many body language clues including eye, ear, body position and fur that can give you some clues.

Fear-a depressed cat will be aggressive and at the same time have fear. A stressed cat will be more reactive to touches or even go to hide when you approach her. If you notice any fears or any other body language that depicts fear and aggression, just know that the cat is emotionally low.

Hiding-In most cases, a depressed cat will want to have their own private time. This means that the cat will lose interest in some common activities and go into hiding.

Excessive sleep-normal cats will sleep but stressed cats will sleep for longer times. The cat will as well not want to sleep in open places. So, if you see that the cat is hiding so much and sleeps too much, then there are some issues with the mood.

Loss of appetite-Just like humans, cats will loss appetite when they are depressed. So if the cat has suddenly started losing interests in foods, she maybe stressed.

Spraying-stressed cats will usually use their own scent to feel better. For this reason, they will be spraying more than normal.

Other signs

Poor grooming

Vocal clues such as being so quiet.

Why a cat might get depressed

There are several reasons why a cat would get depressed. Regardless of the reason, you should please take care of your stressed cat. If she’s ill or injured take her to the vet for immediate treatments. Here are some of the reasons:

Illness-Ill cats will always be depressed. The cat will not be as playful and will also lose interest in some activities

Injury-Injuries and pain will always limit your cat’s ability to play and enjoy the time.

Loss of a loved one-Losing a member whether a fellow cat or a caretaker can cause the depression.

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