Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Guide for Hardhat Map

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Recently this week, Activision has revealed the upcoming Hardhat map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This map is a favourite map of many players which is resurrected in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in the year 2019. Players have played in Hardhat map and are waiting for it to come soon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare too. Well, Activision has announced it, so it will be the next big thing about the game.

Hardhat is a small size map so the close combat will be the significant thing and the whole set up of location in New York City. In some areas, players can try mid-range attacks and long-range attacks. The best type of weapon you can carry is shotgun and SMG because the area is small, and these types of guns deal more severe damage.

The size of the map makes the battle brutal and even more competitive. The design of map and layout is quite similar, but still, there are some changes in the map. The core design of the map is the same, and there isn’t much change happening. Players who have played on Hardhat map are more excited about the release of this map. The expectations and excitement of players for this map is high, and there are major two portions that exist about this map that players should know. 

The middle areas are the most focused area of the map. All the buildings on the location are perfect for taking cover and for taking the best shot on the enemy. If you are on the middle site of the map, then you can be in a tough defensive situation, and it will work hard for enemies to take a straight bullet point on you. This area can be defended if you play with precise coordination and strategy.

On the northern area of the map, there is a vast pipe available that is considered as the highest infamous thing of this map. After entering on this pipe, players can only move forward and backwards but will minimally cover areas. You can set this area for sniper shooting range. All the high accuracy weapons like shotgun or assault rifles will be of great use in this location. If you don’t have these types of weapons, then you should avoid this location because the risk factor of death is also higher here. One more reason to avoid this location is that once you reach here, you have no option to run anywhere if your enemies surround you. 

Smoke grenades are more effective for small areas. You can take your corner spot easily and move to another one with the help of smoke grenades easily. Traps can be effective, too when you are in a close combat area. When the enemy is rushing to you, so their skill works, and you can use your smart tactics to beat down the enemy.

Shotgun and SMG weapons are the highest effective here. If you like to use SMG guns over any other weapon, then you have an advantage here to take down your enemies. Use an SMG gun that has a faster reloading rate because a slow one can cause you to die. Assault rifles are best on the pipe area, but if there is no speed, then it’s no use on the map. The use of sniper will be less in this area, but if you use it, then you need to choose the right spot to use it. 

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Source:- Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Guide for Hardhat Map

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