Call Center Software - What to look for when choosing one?

by Jakub K. Junior Marketing Specialist

The development of technology brings new solutions to our lives, jobs, different branches of business and much more. Things are getting faster, more intelligent, automated and much more compact. Nowadays, we can get the same effects using much fewer resources.

The same goes for Call Centers. Due to the progress in software development, cloud storage and VoIP solutions call centers look no way like they used to look 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

The biggest changes

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The most obvious one would be that you no longer have to dial numbers manually. You can let the Auto Dialer do the work.

Also, it is important to track all the calls or at least the successful ones. So, how are you going to do this? Write it down in your notepad? Of course not. Just integrate the software you use with CRM that will take care of everything.

What is more, there is no need to use a phone to make calls. You don’t even need to download anything. The cloud-based software will let you make and take calls directly from your browser.

Why software matters?

Proper Call Center Software can enhance the effectiveness of your work by miles. If you opt to make your business more proficient, then choosing the best call center software should be the main matter. Later, we will describe what you should be looking for when choosing one and why does it have such an impact on your work.

New solutions, new priorities

As mentioned before the development of technology led to huge changes in the telecommunications industry. Thus, the way call centers work is no way near to what it used to look like. Now, there are other aspects that you have to look for when trying to optimize your call center’s work. Choosing the best Call Center Software should be your main concern.

Try to optimize your work according to this principles and therefore make it:


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Using actual phones in call centers is no longer there. Thanks to software development we can make and take calls directly from our browsers. Thus, we can make a use from such solutions as Auto Dialer. How many calls can you make in an hour? With an auto dialer think of 10x of that. What is more, you don’t have to dial the numbers manually. An auto dialer will just call one number after another. Also, the best call center software will let you programme your auto dialer, so it will make calls the exact way you want to.


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As in everyday life, we try to reduce the number of unnecessary activities to the minimum. The same goes for call centers. Thanks to usage of call center software and certain integrations we can automate most of the futile activities that would normally suck up your time. Basically, you are free from manually copying, sending or syncing data. Just let the software do the work.


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Okay, maybe it doesn’t match the description, but it does match the words of Daft Punk’s song. In this case what makes you stronger is flexibility. There is no need to install software directly on your devices. Thanks to cloud-based solutions you can use your call center software directly from your browser. Thus, you can use any device to make it work. Remember, work smart, not hard. Optimize your work, so it lets you hit that maximum efficiency mark.

Now we know what is important to look for in case of what we should opt to improve.

Let’s take a look at what features should call center software consist of to be considered a good choice.

The best Call Center Software will let you:

  • Make calls the way you want. Opt for some kind of an auto dialer. Especially programmable one. Thanks to such solutions you will make your work much more efficient and effortless. Also, some call center software will let you use additional ways of making calls like widgets and browser extensions.

  • Record your calls. Crucial point. There is no better way to train your agents than going through real calls. Rewinding successful calls will help you find a pattern of what to do to close that deal.

  • Use the live-listen function. Monitoring your agents is a must. To make sure your employees grant the best customer service live-listen to their calls. Also, if some particular agent has below-average success rate then live-listening to his calls may be the best solution.

  • Automate futile processes. As we’ve mentioned before there is no need to do certain tasks manually. Make sure that you and your employees can focus on what’s really important. Through integration, you can automate certain processes, so they work as one app.

  • Choose numbers from a variety of countries. You always want to present yourself with certain countries’ number. It will help you enhance your contact rate as people are much more likely to pick up the phone when they see a familiar number.

  • Create your own call scripts. It’s easy to forget what to ask next. Yet, it should never happen during one of your calls. With a proper call script, you should be able to go smoothly through the call not even letting your customer know that you were reading a self-prepared text.

This are the features you should look for when choosing call center software. Especially, make sure that it grants you access to some kind of an auto dialer, lets you record calls and has a vast variety of numbers.

What is more, make sure you can choose the most suitable pricing plan. Some companies let you choose just one pricing plan, which will most likely make you overpay. Choose software that lets you pick more than one pricing plan. Thus, you will not end up paying for the things you don’t use.

Make sure your future call center software consists of all of the above features. If you do so, there is no way that you’ll be disappointed by the choice you make.

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