Buying Ofuro Tubs for Traditional Bathing Experiences

by Northern Lights Cedar Tub Manufacturer of Hot Tubs in Canada

The Japanese hot tubs help to restore mental and spiritual wellbeing by ensure a private relaxation space while promoting good health by stimulating circulation. The Ofuro tubs are designed for much more than just getting you clean and tidy.

Once your body is clean, you can step into the tub sinking slowly into the pure, deep and clean hot water. Soaking, submerging to the chin, it’s the right time to relax and contemplate. Typically soaps and shampoos are not used; but mineral salts and light fragrant oils are added more often.

The Ofuro Hot Tub Options

Usually, Northern Lights manufactures two different styles of Ofuro tubs. One is oval shaped – which is ideal for a two person soaking hot tub while the other one is a round version. All of their hot tubs have 25” interior height and 30” exterior height – that is an ideal depth to ensure complete body soaking while enjoying the visual surroundings in the better way as possible.

Two main stream heating options are available like the traditional wood fired heater and electric hot tub heating system. You can ask the sales team, if you want to use a propane heater. All of the Ofuro hot tubs come fully assembled with a standard center positioned stainless steel drain which connects to any 1 ½” PVC drain pipe. Additional accessories include matching stairs, back rests, shelf and insulated covers with child proof locks.

The Heating Choices

1. The electric heating system by Northern Lights comes with a 1.4/5.5KW Balboa digital spa pack and a 1/8HP circulating pump and filter. The system allows you to control the temperature through a simple touch of button. The filter system helps you keep the water clean without the requirement for regular draining. They can also provide you with a high-end spa pack that produces 4KW heat and advanced programming options as well as wireless remote control capabilities through an iPhone.

2. Do you have a lot of free wood? If yes, you can utilize a wood fired hot tub heater. With the smaller volume of water, these tubs can be heated within about 1-2 hour. You don’t need electricity and no filtering water to get murky quicker.

3. Do you have access to grid power and lots of free wood? Northern Lights wood fired hot tub heater comes with a pump and filter system to keep the water clean. You can consider adding an electric heater to the filter system. So once you heat the water, you can keep the water at the desired temperature without attending to the fire constantly. Please remember that, the electric heaters are different from a simple inline heater.

4. Don’t you have grid power available and like the work involved with wood heating? You can consider buying a propane heater with a solar PV powered circulation pump. This type of heater needs circulation pump. In addition to, Northern Lights can provide you with a highly-efficient pump that can power off a small inverter to get its power from 24 VDC batteries charged through an 80W PV solar panel. Even a cold tub can be heated within less than an hour.

Final Consideration –

Now you may have got the better overview of the Japanese hot tubs. Therefore, do a thorough research and make a right selection to enjoy hot tubing year round in a relaxing way.

This article is written by Cedar Tubs, which specializes in providing Ofuro tubs at the most competitive prices. For more information about please visit website.

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