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With the advancement of technology, we can see that there is a new invention happening every now and then. There are so many new things happening in everyday life due to the massive changes in technology. Servers have been introduced in the market a long time ago. It’s basic computer designed so as to process requests and deliver data to another computer through the internet or a local network. Most people may understand the word server to be a web server where web pages are able to be accessed over the internet.

It usually happens through a client like a web browser. Nevertheless, there are several types of servers available such as local ones like file servers where data is stored within an intranet network. You can buy server processors online as well from well-known websites and get a great service.

Although we know that computers that run the necessary software can also work as a server but the highly typical use of the word denotes the enormous, high-powered machines where we can see functions such as pumps pushing and pulling data from the internet. In most computer networks, one or more servers are supported that handle specialized tasks. But when the network is large in terms of clients that connect to it or there is a huge amount of data that it moves, in such situations, there is a higher chance that servers would play a role for the specific purpose.

Servers are actually the software that handles a specific task. Anyway, we all know that a strong hardware that supports this software is also known as the server since server software coordinates a network of hundreds or thousands of clients that look for hardware much more vigorous than what they generally tend to buy.

Common Types of Servers available in the market.

As you know that there are some dedicated servers that emphasize one function only but there are other servers as well that serve multiple purposes. A huge general-purpose network tends to support a medium-sized company. Its likely to deploy several types of servers and that may include-

Web server:

Web servers function as they show pages and run apps through web browsers. a web server is a server that your browser is connected to right now. Its delivers the page and any images you see on it. Web servers are used for numerous things as well as delivering simple text and images, backing up files online, uploading them, all a cloud storage service or sometimes or online backup service.

Email server:

With the help of Email servers, sending and receiving of email messages gets done. In cases, there is have an email client on your computer, the software connects to an IMAP or POP email server in order to download your messages to your computer and an SMTP server facilitates sending messages back through the email server.

Servers available-

Case and rack

When you are going to buy case or rack, find a proper expandability as well as the accessibility of hardware. Make sure that you know how may drive bays are available as far as what drive bays are available.

Hard drive

It’s important to consider the available amount of disk space on the server, especially if the server is going to be a file or network server. Find out how much pace requirements is needed for the operating system, utilities, web pages, files, applications, user settings.


Generally, CD-ROM is not a serious item for most servers since it is used to install additional software onto the server. You can also get a dell PowerEdge tower server and find its best use.

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