Butt Injection Houston: Procedure and Complications

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Butt injections Houston are used through surgical treatment to improve the shape and size of buttocks. Usually this treatment is performed at two different kinds of people, first that are not comfortable with their buttocks and are looking for perfection and second where abnormal changes occur due to childbirth, hormonal changes, aging, and weight loss resulting in loss of firmness of their buttocks. There are two basic types of legal butt injections in United States however there are many illegal materials being used to enhance buttocks. Following are the types of injections that are being shot in United States.

1.      Fat Injections

Fat injections procedure are performed through cosmetic surgeon by removing excessive fats from back above buttocks, around thighs, and re-injected after purification at different places where required to reshape the buttocks.


2.      Silicon Butt Injections

The second type of approved butt injection is silicon butt implant.  Silicon butt implant is similar to silicon breasts implant. This process is also identical to fat injection as in this case silicon is injected to enhance buttocks and create their curvy beautiful shape. Silicon injections are safe and popular and are approved by the FDA.


3.      Illegal Butt Injections

There are many other illegal materials being used in black market. These materials are dangerous and their injecting procedure is harsh and painful. Usually this procedure is performed at parties, hotels, and mysterious places and administered by the people that are non-professional, untrained, acquisitive, and have no value of human life. They use excessive shoots to boost buttocks in short time spam.  The care due regarding materials surgical items are not made at these sites leading to cause different side effects, body reaction and other diseases. Usually these types of materials lead to different problems either immediately or at later stages. 



Butt injections that are preformed under professional surgeons with legal material either through injecting patients own fats or by silicon implant have very low complication rate, however some problems may occur due to different reasons. Following are the main problems that might arise after butt injections and liposuction procedure.

1.      Patients Expectations

Patient’s expectations are usually high and some times the outcome is not according to his/her expectations which might lead to some emotional issues. This can be avoided by consultation with patient at pre-operative stage and by discussing the realistic outcomes of surgery.  


2.      Contour Problems

Contour problems might occur which might cause to disfigure the patient’s buttock shape. These problems usually arise due to excessive and unrealistic liposuction and skin burns due to un-protected measures during fat harvest procedures. These problems can be overcome at the time of surgery by cooling the patient’s skin by using moist towels, and skin protectors etc.


3.      Treatment and Drug Complications

Some complications might arise after and during treatment. During anesthesia, it is difficult to maintain patient’s blood pressure. High blood pressure could cause excessive bleeding. The symptoms that might occur due to drug complications are vomiting, shivering, disorientation, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision etc. 


4.      Numbness

After operation numbers might occur at the patient’s gluteal area. This problem might prevail for longer period if not properly taken care of. To avoid development and to overcome this problem patients are advised to perform gentle massage and some exercises.



Butt injections Houston that are preformed according to the approved standards of FDA and properly administered by professional surgeons have very little complication rates. The problems that might occur can be prevented through proper care, medication and exercises. However injections with illegal material performed by the non professionals can cause enormous problems.

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