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Inpatient, Outpatient, or IOP?

Most psychiatrists and behavioral health professionals agree that addiction is a complex disorder caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors. It can also vary in intensity; The DSM-5 defines addiction as a spectrum disorder that can be categorized as “mild,” ... Read More

Choosing the Right Drug Rehab for Your Loved One

Helping a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol requires a lot of love and patience – and a fair amount of research. In addition to deciding whether your family would benefit from the services of an interventionist, you will need to carefully evaluate your drug rehab options. If yo... Read More

4 thói quen tuyệt vời chống lại bệnh ung thư

Bổ sung những thói quen sau để chẳng phải nhận "tấm bằng" ung thư sớm lúc còn trẻ tuổi.Tập thể dụcNghiên cứu của các chuyên gia đã chỉ ra rằng, vận động thường xuyên là cách hiệu quả nhằm chữa ung thư. Nó giúp cho những cơ quan bên trong cơ thể khỏe mạnh và vận hành phải chăng hơn, khả năng đào... Read More

Drug Sniffing Car Knows Where Your Drugs Are

In an amazing, accidental discovery, scientists have created a device able to pinpoint exactly where a person’s stash of drugs is located in his or her car with incredible accuracy. If this technology becomes available to law enforcement, it may reduce the incidents of substance ... Read More

The Advantages An Individual Gets From Drug Addiction Treatment Center

We often wonder if that man should be taken by us to some drug rehabilitation or perhaps not when some one we know suffers from drug addiction. The reason behind the hesitation is the stigma and the shame which is linked to being accepted to a drug treatment center. Drug habit is still, even today, ... Read More

Overcoming Steroid Abuse

In sporting events at all levels, competitors want to be the very best. Winning may not be everything, but it is certainly a goal that all competitors try to achieve. In trying to achieve this goal, hard work and practice are the best ways to go about it. Unfortunately, many have turned to anabo... Read More

How To Be Drug-Tested?

Taking dangerous drugs oftentimes start as a pleasure-inducing recreational activity. However, due to continuous, after developing the satisfaction after taking drug, addiction comes associated with craving signs. Drug addicts are noticed due to physical changes and emotional/social changes.... Read More

Drug Rehab and the Arts

Art therapy can be a very useful tool for people who are undergoing treatment for addiction. Whether they choose to use painting, dancing, music, poetry or some other art form, art therapy can provide individuals with a way to understand and cope with addiction. If you or a loved one are suffering f... Read More

Portable Food Scanner Checks Your Food’s Authenticity

With the many food and drug scandals scarring the food industry for good, people are uncertain now, more than ever, about how authentic their food really is. In 2013, a study by researchers revealed that 30% of fish sold in restaurants and grocery stores in the U.S. were found to be mislabeled. ... Read More

Open Houses Being Targeted by Drug Thieves

Drug rehab centers near San Diego are warning homeowners to be careful when selling their homes. The past few months have seen a rash of thefts. It appears that open houses are becoming a favorite target for addicts looking to steal prescription pills. Homeowners generally do a good job of lockin... Read More

Heroin Epidemic at Critical Mass

Heroin, it turns out, doesn’t discriminate. Young, old, black, white, poor, rich—no matter the socioeconomic circumstances, heroin has arrived and is taking the lives of thousands every year.  Drug rehab centers throughout California, from San Diego to Fresno, have witnessed an increase in h... Read More

Why Rehab is Worth the Price

The cost of addiction is high; at the least an addiction costs addicts thousands of dollars, at the most it costs a life. Drug rehab centers offer a way out for addicts who are seeking help, or for those whose friends and family have recommended they seek treatment. The cost of an extended stay in a... Read More

Is Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab Right for My Addiction?

In the midst of an overwhelming substance addiction, finding suitable drug rehab doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Facing addiction is an intricate and personal period of life that should not become a lonesome burden. Multiple resources are available to healthily eliminate unwanted addictions... Read More

Drug Rehab New York Can Help You To Give a New Life

Any Drug Rehab In new York City is cure large number of those people who are addict and report in rehab centers with the hope of recovery and experts is try to give them drug free life, With the help of this article people can see the best solution for their loved one who are addict since short or l... Read More

3 Ways to Help Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a significant problem facing teenagers across the country. From Riverside, CA to the Hamptons, teens are getting their hands on drugs that were not prescribed to them and using them to detrimental effect. How can parents protect their children from the threat of prescripti... Read More

Best Recovery Blogs to Bust Addiction

For some, returning from drug rehab can be harder than the actual rehab experience. Getting back into a daily routine seems foreign and temptations lie around every corner. Whether returning from a San Francisco center or anywhere else, reading recovery blogs can help deter a relapse.  However... Read More

Eight Celebrities Who Cleaned Up After Rehab

Celebrities generally have a pretty good deal; they earn lots of money, go on exquisite vacations, and spend time with other impressive celebrities. However, this spotlight comes with a lot of pressure, which can lead to addiction and disorders of all sorts. But after checking into rehab, many celeb... Read More

PainKillers Are Effective, but They Can Also Lead to Addiction

Almost all surgeries result in pain during recovery. Due to this, doctors often prescribe different painkillers after a more serious procedure. Painkillers often make a patient more comfortable, but some patients risk being addicted to these drugs, which may eventually land them in drug rehab. It’s ... Read More

America's Biggest Drug Bust

America’s war on drugs has been well documented over the last few decades. Drug related injury has been a huge problem in Utah and in other places across the nation. Most of the time the media outlets only show how the American government is losing the war on illegal drugs, but the huge everyday bat... Read More

False Drug Rehab Myths

For those recovering from alcohol, illegal drugs and other substance abuse; it is important to have a positive state of mind in order for drug rehab treatment to be effective. There are many misconceptions and myths about drug rehab that can harm addicts in their recovery. Read on to dispel these co... Read More

Forbidden Love: Housewives and Prescription Drug Abuse

This theory of housewives and stay-at-home mothers who abuse prescription drugs has become an increasingly severe epidemic. Like all addictions, many factors contribute to the issue. However, for most users in this demographic, abusing prescription drugs is so easily justified. Prescription medicati... Read More

Dealing With Drug Detoxification

Drug rehab can be a difficult road for many to walk. It’s important to remember that there are many resources for support and strength. One of the hardest steps in recovery from a drug addiction is detoxification. Fortunately, detox can be addressed in several different ways that can vary from short... Read More

The Dangers of Quitting a Drug Addiction Cold Turkey

No matter what your vice may be, quitting your addiction cold turkey is not as safe or effective as it may seem. Studies show that most people who attempt to self-detox—or go cold turkey without rehab—underestimate the severity of their drug problem and tend to relapse.  Although different s... Read More

3 Little Known Things About 420

Chances are that you’ve heard the number “420” in your life. What you might not be as familiar with is how this number originated or what it means to some individuals. Although there are several different theories about the history of 420, one thing is clear: people have very strong opinions when it... Read More

3 Incredible Online Addiction Recovery Communities

Recovery is difficult enough, but it’s even more difficult when you don’t have a community that supports you. Luckily, after people attend a drug rehab, they can join many online communities that help provide recovery support. Although there are many online substance abuse recovery websites, three s... Read More

Fees to Watch for in a Drug Injury Lawsuit

People in Utah and elsewhere know that taking a person or company to court can get very expensive. For those who think they have been wronged by a pharmaceutical company because of drug injury, suing the company is seen as one of the only ways of obtaining justice. In fact, attorneys and court fees ... Read More

Prescription Drugs and the Dangerous Potential for Addiction

While most people associate the need for drug rehab with illicit substances such as heroin and cocaine, an alarming trend is the growing number of individuals who have developed addictions to prescription medications.  How severe is this problem? The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimate... Read More

Parks and Recreation’ Executive Dead from Drug Overdose

Although the Hollywood lifestyle and attention may seem glamourous, far too many times we have witnessed celebrities self-medicate to rid themselves of personal issues; be them mental or emotional. On Feb 19, Harris Wittels, one of the producers for the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation,” was found ... Read More

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities Drug and alcohol addictions affect personal relationships, making it difficult to concentrate on work, home or school. From health and finances to lives, many things turn upside down due to addictions. However, no matter how addicted you are, it is ... Read More


Brand endorsements of medicines are in trend today. Convenient services like buy drugs on the internet & online pharmacies, leading to increased self-medication. Self-medication is defined as the individuals or a member of the individuals' family treating self-recognized or self-diagn... Read More Brings In Drug Test Passing Kits For Blood, Hair, Urine, Saliva Tests

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEReports across the world has confirmed that, countless people get rejected from their targeted and much awaited achievements of lives, for not clearing the drug tests. The law of the country is extremely particular, in terms of detecting the drug intake of a candidate. T... Read More

Passusa.Com Introduces Drug Klean Products To Clear The Drug Tests Of USA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEClearing a drug test with flying colors, is an absolute must for any kind of examination. Clearing a drug test is necessary to get selected in a job or being a part of any of the targeted team. However, people with any doping and addictive history, often find it difficul... Read More

Effects of Colorado Drug Charges on the Area

Drugs are one of the leading problems of the new society. The way drug use is increasing is very disturbing. The effects of drugs are very harmful on the human body. The effects of drugs on the human body can never be fully treated or compensated, or in other words drugs have a permanent effect on t... Read More


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