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Blog Post Trends REVIEW 2017 (

#Trending: Tech giants are betting big on digital assistantsWareable-Dec 15, 2016The digital assistant space is getting crowded. You can barely speak now without some connected device thinking that you're talking to them.Trending: Oil Stocks Respond to Non-OPEC hours agoDividend.c... Read More

How to Write Catchy and Effective Content for The Web

In some way or another, for whatever purpose it may be, we all express ourselves, our individuality, thoughts, passions and purposes, through the art of communication. Today, much of that expression comes in the form of writing. Both formally and informally, be it writing for academic... Read More

Best Wat to Get More Quality Traffic

There are a few approaches to get quality movement to your Website. The most dependable and steady wellspring of activity that originates from web indexes. Quality substance on your Website is essential to get more movement from web indexes. More movement means more approaches to profit with sites.A... Read More

5 Ways To Easily Use Visual Storytelling For Business Marketing

Do you want to incorporate storytelling in your digital marketing efforts? Do you want to maximise the capability of storytelling in your content marketing?Storytelling through video marketing has become an integral part of modern business marketing.Storytelling is one of the most effective means to... Read More

40 Sources for Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing? Although defined broadly, content marketing is a form of advertising that involves creating interesting, informative blog posts, web articles, videos, and other forms of web media that will appeal to the client's target market. Once this content is created, it is systemat... Read More

Do Buzz News Publishers Need a New Content Strategy?

Do you run an entertainment news website or blog that’s receiving diminished levels of traffic lately? First of all, it’s a jungle out there, and many get gobbled up. Or die of hunger. It takes a special animal to survive and prosper online.But since that’s pretty much true across the board, why are... Read More

Building Dialogue With Consumers

When it comes to consumers, having good communication and a relationship is something that cannot be forsaken. A company needs to have a consistent image while engaging an audience. Time and time again, content marketing has proven to be a good strategy, but it must be done right. Whether it’s in Ut... Read More

Top 10 Content Marketing Tactics for the Holidays EVER (until next year)

Holidays are the best time of year for talking about content marketing, right?! Well, it may not be the funnest thing you do but have a content marketing strategy for the holidays is necessary if you don’t want to come back from your no internet access, leave the phone at home, chill out on a beach ... Read More

9 Must Have Apps for your Content Marketing Strategy

Have you heard of these wonderful Content Marketing Apps? Not Yet? Do not worry. It’s never too late.Nowadays, every Online Marketing Strategist’s and Blogger’s are using these 9 fabulous Apps to grow their website’s traffic. These Apps are time saving, easy to use and damn powerful for yo... Read More

10 Power Words that Will Boost the Power of Your Content Marketing

If you search the Internet for content marketing advice, you'll find all sorts of advice about formatting your content so that it is easy to read, using keywords, optimizing for mobile, and the importance of using visual content. What you won't find is information on the content of your content. Wha... Read More

12 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners (Part 1 Conceptual)

So, you want to be a content marketer. Actually, it’s a fun career, if you have a creative writing/design “bent,” and you are willing to be a life-long learner. Content marketing has been around as long as “Google,” when internet users first began to conduct searches for products and services they w... Read More

How to facilitate your audience to share your online content?

At AJK Technologies, we believe in communicating through content. We also believe in creating new and improved content that is optimized. It is this interaction that creates an audience, thereby fueling followers to share, tweet, pin, and like etc.   Good, sound content is the b... Read More

Online Marketing Techniques to Boost your business sales and revenues

Internet users are increasing day by day all over the globe. Internet technologies have made people's life easy. People search on internet according to theirs requirement like information search, local search, video search, image search etc. If you’re looking for some information on internet, j... Read More