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Social Etiquette - Are You Confused?

Social Etiquette - Are You Confused?What seems so obvious to me apparently is really difficult to so many people that I continue to get frustrated!!! Time after time I will get requests to connect here on APSense or another social media site - yet the person just says “hi” or they don’t provide a pr... Read More

Choosing Your Online Options

Choosing Your Online OptionsWith so many options to choose from on the internet, it’s a wonder that anyone can get work done. There are different systems that help you grow a business, earn extra money, market your products and services, connect with new people, and learn social media - This can be ... Read More

Looking for Good Original Content!...?????

If you have been here at APSense for any length of time you know how I HATE SPAM... as well as COPY and PASTE Crap. I post about it often enough..... and yes.. I will be the very first to admit it that it is RAMPANT here at APSense.Every morning when I log in I go to the article section here at APSe... Read More

I was just wondering....

I was wondering if anyone actually READS these posts.In particular I am talking about people who create "Campaigns". Let's say that someone takes the time to write an article.... not that copy and paste crap that we see so much of.... then they promote that article using credits. They have their cho... Read More

Apsense Honor Points And Badges

APSENSE Honor PointsHonor points are simply an indicator of your activity on the site. The More honor points you have the more activity you have had on the site.How it WorksAs you gain honor points you move up member levels. At some member level you may gain additional benefitsMember levelsLevelHono... Read More

Need "write for us" Blogger, who accept guest posts

                                                   ... Read More

Highest APSense Value

Let's face it, not everyone on APSense is comfortable writing Articles, building Rev Pages and all the other activities that bring visitors to their offers that are ready to take action.Do some testing yourself and you will quickly learn, that posting pitches all over the place is not going to get y... Read More

How I Get APSense Referrals for FREE

Get five APSense Referrals in a month and earn a FREE Upgrade!Sounds easy, but if you have tried it, you probably know it's NOT!Let me give you a hand with some simple steps to follow for FREE.1- Get a lifetime free account (with no upgrades) at IBO Toolbox2- Spend the time to complete at least the ... Read More

Who are those people?

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.""Is the man of the house home?", they asked."No", she replied. "He's out... Read More

Public Relations Measurement – How To Get Accurate Results

Public relations efforts can help, but you need a way to get accurate results. You need a way to really know the success of what you have put into it. If you work for other clients, they are definitely going to be asking how to measure the outcome of what they paid you for versus what they got. Publ... Read More

Online Marketing and Integrated Brand Promotion

Now that you have got your new home business started online you are probably wondering where to start. I remember when I was in this same position. We just do not know where to start. Is this how you feel at this moment?             &nb... Read More

You Must Have a Primary Business?

HOW TO EARN $100K EACH YEAR IN GRAVY!!!"Gravy" is money earned, for example over $10K per month in our cases, while promoting your primary business, which you are going to do anyway, right?So this does Not count the money you earn in your primary business, but only the extra income you earn by defau... Read More

Writing articles at APSense

It's easy to post articles at APSense.But writing articles that stand out is another matter.What do I mean by that ?Well, are you able to add all these in your articles:H tagsimagesformat text, i.e. change fonts and sizesadd videos from YouTubeThe last part especially, adding YouTube videos, is tric... Read More

Health and Life

Health and Life is the best page in APSense. Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans, it is the general condition of a person's mind and body, usually meaning to be free fromillness, injury or pain (a... Read More

Your Job by sharing only$firstname$%,Did you hear the critical news?Now you can share videos on FaceBook& YouTube and get paid for it!Click me to get started:As you may have already heard onthe news this week, a new programhas just been launch called:"Share Videos On FaceBook & Yo... Read More

What is Apsense.?? unrivalled Phenomena .....

It is an Unrivaled Phenomena this Apsense ..portal..a boon to the new beiew ..veteran..sruggling enterprenuer where all the greats Of Internet Industry have coggregated to guide the seeker in real depth for wealth creation by Greats as Joseph Bathello see...    "About Joseph ... Read More

I payout in one day

CLICK TO SEEUnderstanding All About Paydayloan Fast PayoutA considerable percentage of UK citizens have a hint of what paydayloan fast payout is all about. This is because individuals meet challenging situations in their everyday lives that need an immediate financial solution.Unfortunately, with th... Read More

All in one believe that we have created a program for anyone to succeed online.It is now up to you to take advantage of it and to tell others. Believe inyourself, because if you don’t then you can hardly expect other people tobelieve in you. We will do ... Read More

tiebook social network

tiebook is worldwide business community where people come to connect ,discover,study,work,find jobs,promote business ,share videos,post blogs and build relationship power.Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in&n... Read More

From one blog to another

I used to have one main blog called Be Proactive Now (BPN). That blog is a mix of posts about online marketing, self-improvement, and my pages full of links to hundreds of Facebook groups to join or participate in, with a video explaining how to do that.That last feature, the links to Facebook g... Read More

Gold And Silver Discounts Four Corners Alliance Group

  FOUR CORNERS PRECIOUS METALS CLUB We are excited to announce that in keeping with our aim of giving our members a cutting edge advantage, Four Corners has also pulled out all the stops to bring our membership th... Read More

Introduction to Video Marketing Champions

Video Marketing Champions (VMC) is a site where you’ll find video tutorials to become more efficient at all the things you need to do online to build your business. It will help you save a lot of time by having your business partners and the people you referred into programs come here to lea... Read More

Making APSense a solid community

Hello everyone,My name is Philippe Moisan. I am a regular member of APSense, just like you. I am not an admin, I am not part of management. I just take things to heart because I love the site and I like to help people take advantage of all its numerous features.The reason I'm writing this article is... Read More

If You Want a Thumbs Up, Give One

Most things in life require your action before you receive what you desire. When you want air in your lungs, you have to breathe. Air is freely available to whosoever wants it, but, there is a caveat; you must make the effort to breathe it into your system.Increasing your number of contacts here at ... Read More

Adult material NOT allowed at APSense

From time to time, I see adult material being posted at APSense, such as pictures of girls in sexy outfits or positions, or members who offer escort services, or other adult stuff.This is NOT allowed at APSense. See this quote from the Terms Of Use (TOS):"Publish, transfer, distribute or disseminate... Read More

Being popular at APSense

I've been a member of APSense for about 3 years.I've seen a lot of members come and go. From time to time, some of them decide to acquire a lot of likes for their profile, along with many recommendations.After they've done this for a while, at first glance, their profile makes them look like popular... Read More

What Happens When You Quit

Probably one of the most destructive things available 24/7 is the option to quit. I worked 45 years as a commercial refrigeration technician and have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I am also an Ordained Minister, Dale Carnegie Graduate, published author, and an instrument rated private pilot... Read More

The Importance of a Real Picture of You, when you join!

June 17, 2013See who you are? Should be who you display, not some picture of whatever. Why would you do that? How "you brand and market" will reflect on your first impression. So please upload a real picture or l will disprove it.Not really what l like doing, but l was not going to allow pictures of... Read More

My new book : The Missing Guide To Apsense Talents

Hello everyone, i hope you are doing well today i want to introduce to you the new book that i am currently working on .it's called " the missing guide to apsense talents " .as you know Apsense Talents is a very robust marketplace, in order to utilize this marketplace to its Maximum potent... Read More


Witness this RS6 Avant, powered by a 553-hp, twin-turbo V-8. Car agnostics and busybody neighbors won’t know what you’re packing in your A6 Avant, a wagon usually fitted with a more pedestrian four- or six-banger. The initiated, however, will recognize the RS treatment, which includes wider rear fen... Read More

APSense eCard

Send online greeting cards such as birthday cards, holiday ecards, thank you cards, funny ecards and more.With the APSense eCard Service Invitation Service, you can create and send invitations online, and track your guest's attendance status 24 hours a day. It's fast and easy. Click the invitat... Read More

Mind if I poke you?

So my first car was a old BMW, oxidized paint and faded seats.  But to a teenager anything that drove was great.  My girlfriends and I wasted a lot of gas cruising for trouble.  So I noticed an interesting thing about Apsense the last few times I was cruising around.  Take a look... Read More

আপনি কি আপনার এ্যপন্সেন্স (Apsense) বাংলাই দেখতে চান ?

Do you Want to see Apsense in Bangla language ?Bangla Version : আপনার প্রিয় এ্যপন্সেন্স বিজনেস নেটওয়ার্ককে কি আপনি আপনার নিজের ভাষা বাংলাই দেখতে চান ? আপনি কি চান বৃহত বিজনেস নেটওয়ার্ক বাংলাই কথা বলুক আপনার সাথে ? তাহলে আর দেরি করে কাজ কি । আসুন আমরা সবাই মিলে জানই আমাদের মনের কথা এ্য... Read More

Fake accounts

In this article, I will talk about APSense members who use tactics to be popular, but are not good for branding themselves as people we can trust, in my opinion.Lately, at APSense, I've seen some members who like everything they see. They click "thumb up" for tons of articles and/or RevPages, they c... Read More

Beginning at APSense ?

You're beginning at APSense?If you are a new member of APSense, or if you haven't been active for a long time, you might notice there's been many changes in the last year.On my Be Proactive Now blog, I have many pages with video tutorials about APSense.On one of these pages. you'll find the followin... Read More

Skinny Sprinkles Help In Weight Loss

Skinny sprinkles help in weight loss is a strawberry flavored weight loss and energy boosting drink that will help you to stop snacking and overeating and ultimately assist you to lose weight. Skinny sprinkles has been in the news as a weight loss product and appetite suppressant for discerning w... Read More

Honor Points At APSense

What about those Honor Points?How are Honor Points acquired?What can I do to get more Honor Points?Those are just a few of the questions I have been asked over the years here at APSense about Honor Points.I would like to give you just a brief over view to answer those questions about Honor Points (H... Read More

Your APSense Business Center

Have you set up your APSense Business center yet? It is one of the many features that APSense has to offer but seems to be one that is the most overlooked.   Let me tell you about it and then you will be wanting to get going on setting up YOURS...   The APSense Business Center is... Read More

Avoiding online money transfer scams

Make money using the internet Copyright(c)Wilfredo Maceres Anyone handling money can be a victim Anyone who works online will from time to time be required to carry out monetary transactions. At one instance you will be the buyer of a product and in other circumstances you will be the one sell... Read More

Make money by completing missions on Lookii

Have you taken a look at the new crowdsourcing site from APSense? It's called Lookii.The concept is simple: some people have projects and need help to complete them. Instead of hiring people to get the job done ( outsourcing), they now have the option to create the project at Lookii, then create mis... Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

We all need a good measure of attitude of gratitude to soar in this world. I think it is necessary for me to write this short article to clear the airs on my attitude towards you and to assure you that I have not been taking you for granted. You might be wondering where this is coming from but, in a... Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

We all need a good measure of attitude of gratitude to soar in this world. I think it is necessary for me to write this short article to clear the airs on my attitude towards you and to assure you that I have not been taking you for granted. You might be wondering where this is coming from but, in a... Read More

Did you look in at Lookii Yet?

Lookii: A new project by APSense: Achieve any goal through crowdsourcing on Lookii. Create a project for anything you want to accomplish, gain supporters, achieve any goal! Crowdsourcing sounds very complicated; since English is not my native language it confused me a bit. The most simply way... Read More

Do you blame the economy for your situation.

I have been hearing from people all over the USA for the last 4 years that the economy is why they don'thave any money. I constantly hear people say No One Can Afford to spend money on things other then their bills. If you are one of them people that blame the economy, Do your self  a favor tak... Read More

AP Sense, The Promotional Products and Facilities Earn Dollar coins

Many courses are offered online for our business. Programs, there needs to be followed without capital completely and easily, there is also a need of capital, as well as complicated. Called tricky, because if we want to benefit from the program that followed, we have a lot of promotion throu... Read More

About Profile Pictures and Company logos

As my friend Joseph Botelho always says "Networking is a contact Sport" and he is right about that. Social media is about establishing good contacts with other people which can be achieved by being active in regards to posting content, comments that add value and of course to share content of others... Read More

The secret to building a larger, diverse, and valuable network on the world's top social sites

It's no secret that making money via social networking is a numbers game. That is why Facebook is so popular and why Google is unstoppable. Numbers.The problem has always been how to attract more people to follow, like, link, or connect with you. There have even been se... Read More

Credits and money at APSense

Credits and money at APSense.The question I see the most often at APSense is: "How can I earn money at APSense?"The 2nd question I see often is: "Can I get change credits for cash?"The answer to the 2nd question is simple: no.To make money at APSense, here are the 4 official ways:You click on the So... Read More

Recent Changes and Updates at APSense (Oct 1st)

Hello, Everyone! APSense is a Business Social Network that keeps growing and improving. If you have been a member for some time you will see these changes happen from time to time. Sometimes they are small changes that make a little improvement at the time. At other times there will be mo... Read More

Can You Or Will You Make Money Promoting Apsense

Can You Or Will You Make Money Promoting Apsense?Let me say that yes you CAN the question is will you do it.There are many ways to do it however this answer is pointed at affiliate marketers who promote programs, products, services online for a commission.  This is one of the best ways to earn ... Read More