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Essentially think of it as an editor Mut 20 coins for your video game, if you're brand new to mods. You can not change everything within Madden 20 NFL, but you can alter enough to provide unique gameplay. "When you are in the editor, jerseys, helmets, pants, referees uniforms, fields, stadium inside walls, etc. look a certain way," Tyler West, the leader behind the mod, told Sporting News. "We have to use Photoshop to edit these things and export them as textures using another software to do so. Everything in Madden 20 NFL has a document, therefore it's only a find and replace mining-style functioning alongside of this creation process."

The uniforms and stadiums for all eight groups are complete, however, the mod group just released the initial beta using four of those teams being completely finished products with complete rosters. As of this moment, seven of those eight teams are complete with the whole league expected to be completed at the end of XFL's Week 5. In terms of how West and his staff were able to give Madden 20 NFL a real appearance, he says it's not too hard when you've already been doing it for a short time. "You are simply playing the copycat game trying to get it exactly how it appears in real life," he states. "There's a great deal still to be tweaked but at face value it's been a good deal of advancement in a short time frame. I've been generating jersey numbers for every group from scratch, which is quite dull, so that is why some teams have jerseys however, for example, the Renegades still had the Browns' orange amounts on the away jersey"

Of course, not everything will be perfect. As you can see in the Jordan Ta'amu screenshot above, there are plenty of XFL attributes -- the field logo, the BattleHawks decoration around the stadium. But if you look up high, you will realize that the Chicago Bears logo. If you play at home with St. Louis, you're really playing at Ford Field because it closely resembles the BattleHawks' dome stadium. "We're only permitted to use what's already in game; we can not construct The Dome in St. Louis, for instance," West says. "So for the BattleHawks, being the only XFL group out an NFL city, my aim was to pick an NFL scene that has been as close as you can. Dallas, Houston, and D.C. would be the other teams in the league who don't have their actual stadiums in match; nonetheless, we can use stadiums within their NFL market."

Another restriction is you can't play XFL rules. As an example, the XFL has exceptional kickoff rules without a kickers on additional points. But thanks to the addition of college football in"Madden 20" the group was able to bring a couple of rule changes in the XFL. "This is one of those things we wanted so poor, but as of now we have not cracked the code on kickoffs," West says. "We're focusing on a solution for PATs. We want to make it so teams go for 2 every moment, but we can't add a 3-point attempt or a 1-point try that isn't an additional point. The time clock inside two minutes isn't possible, so we use faculty clock guidelines for first downs. We place play clocks to 25 seconds, and grabs only require one foot inbounds."

At the moment the mod is only a beta version to buy Madden 20 coins, so it'll be completely finalized in the future. Section of the future mod will include CFL teams as well as AAF teams. "Ever since [EA Sports] dropped'create a group,' I longed for some method to customize a football game," West says. "I worked on some NFL redesigns from the autumn, and functioned on a different college football undertaking, but as XFL year approached I could not help but get excited. So I proposed a job which was supposed to be private, just for me, that I would share with other people every once in a while. But then I realized the possibility and figured this could be something special."

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