Brilliant – You acquired new customers so what’s next?

by Mike K. Selling Established Niche Website

It is a huge step for your company to acquire new customers. It is not only the first real test of your company, but it is also a good move from an interesting concept to the actual business. Getting new customers typically means relying on the existing network, while getting more customers will take you out of the comfort zone.

That’s why, in today’s article, we want to focus on what to do after getting new customers! Keeping reading this article in order to get the most out of it!

If you pay keen attention to what your new customers tell you, you would be able to find more customers. In an ideal world, your first customers are actually the warm introduction to your second wave of customers. In addition, you will get a sophisticated plan from the research you do with your new customers.

Don’t overextend! It is easy to go heavy into marketing and promotions after seeing some success. You first customers must not change the fundamentals of your service, product, or market.

Similarly, if you did the market research well at the start of the whole process, you have already got an excellent handle on who you are selling to and what you are selling them. In addition, you can take over the American markets some other time. So, having some customers in New York does not mean that you are ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Next, make good plans for scaling your business. Getting new customers is the biggest milestone for your business. So, go into the local liquor shop and look for that dollar pinned to the wall of the shop. This is the first dollar the place made!

So, having customers lined up actually means that you need to think about the coming days or the future of your business. You will iterate on your business offerings, expand your advertising and promotional plans, as well as maybe you start some related business.

In case, you are branching out, make sure that you have a good plan in place. You should make an investment thesis for the new plan and stick to that thesis. It is like the traditional “know when to hold, and know when to fold” type system.

Define what kind of retention you want to cause! There are many ways to keep customers active. For example, you could increase the monthly purchase frequency. If it is two purchases per month, the goal would be to increase that number to three or four. Or look for the number of purchases to increase: if the average account is $300, the goal would be to raise the figure to $400 or $500.

Establish some simple promotional mechanics. Though these arrangements are no longer innovative, no business can ignore them. A basic system is a promotion that turns out to be permanent. These offers are intended to encourage continuous purchase. Thus, the next step to accomplish retention objectives is to launch offers that motivate the expected behavior.

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