Brief Remarks on Artificial Intelligence

by Charlotte Lancaster We believe in Quality
Portrayed in the movies as science fiction, the Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives in many various ways, sometimes not easily perceived. The development of artificial intelligence, i.e. the growth of the available stock of intellect (if this would be possible to quantify ) via artificial way, is by itself a revolution in the way the human beings see the world and the role of the human brain within it.

But artificial intelligence goes a long way into the past. In Ancient Greece, the ideas of intelligent elements (at the time, mechanical sculptures ) were introduced in the mythology. Originally the artificial intelligence was concentrated on the mechanical aspect of it rather than in the learning and thinking aspect.

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While during the Dark Ages there was very little scientific development in Europe (although too much military development), the Arab world saw during this period their age of scientific and light advantage. The region of artificial intelligence was amongst those with a higher learning, such as the concepts of alchemical production of existence and programmable robots. Indeed the medieval period in the Islamic world, which included parts of the Iberian peninsula in Europe, was instrumental for the development of mankind.

The period after the Renaissance saw a facelift of the scientific development in Europe, largely in Western Europe, and several of today's major signs of artificial intelligence was then discovered. Simple objects such as mechanical calculators and digital calculators from the XVII Century.

The Industrial Revolution produced a step-change within this apparent gradual development of artificial intelligence knowledge, as it became clear that it would be possible to mimic the human mind or even supplant it. Although the technology wasn't yet advanced enough at the time to put these ideas in reality, the concept of a humanized machine came out to be an actual job.

The most important and relevant developments came after the World War II and the economic and scientific development that followed, for example, development motivated by the Cold War. In 1951 the initial working artificial intelligence programs were written in the University of Manchester, a checkers, and a boxing program. By 1955 versions of those programs were already able to learn how to play, thus creating a completely new perspective of what artificial intelligence could become - not just a standalone program but with growth possible.

Since then the level of improvements has been increasing fast, up to nowadays. Today it is possible to observe a humanized robot, able to perform the same tasks as an individual being, together with cognitive capabilities and ready to learn on the way.

This is actually the 18th-century prophecy coming to life. The fact is, the developments won't stop here, although we all see every day examples of the usage of artificial intelligence around the tendency will continue to grow. Will the human brain ever become redundant?

We think that understanding and improving the Brain is the next step change revolution that the world will have, and we work each day not to be a part of the revolution, but most of all to create it. We believe it is our mission to improve people's lives through cognitive wellbeing.

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