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At Body Balance Massage And Float we offer one of the most sought after categories in the clinic – therapeutic massage. A total of 18 types are available in our clinic selection, most are Oriental and Asian massages. 

There are 4 types of Tantra (Tibetan, Nepali, Indian and Classical). In terms of contact - all massages are all-body contact without exception including intimate areas not to please a patient, but to balance the reproductive system, although the treatments are certainly pleasant. You will pay less for treatments if you book an appointment through an order board.

Do we offer Holistic massages?

Body Balance Massage And Float offer an Holistic massages that are a special massage category and different from existing massages. Through special touch, a holistic therapist brings the patient to three types of effects: physical, energetic and psychological. Holistic massages consist of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative methods. Physical Impact - is an effect on the body through osteopathic massage and manual techniques. 

Energetic Impact - Synchronization of body systems and active and subconscious influence. Once again, you will pay less for treatments if you book an appointment through an order board. Body Balance Massage and Float is working according to the clinic's guidelines, where every patient (either new or veteran) has the right to receive immediate treatment if he or she suffers from his body pain. 

We have the right to postpone any treatment only if it is not urgent in order to provide service to the patient who suffers more. Just call the clinic and ask for an urgent appointment, provided he has real suffering.

What about reflexology?

Our reflexology massage at Body Balance Massage And Float consists of a stretching arrangement suitable for a specific patient. The massage handles not only muscles and tendons, but different body systems. Prior to each treatment, a patient passes a questioning and tactile examination to a medical diagnosis.

Medical Massages are possible too, at Body Balance Massage And Float  - by enhancing and healing tissue and body organs. We offer Holistic massages – that have energetic balance and connection between body and mind, as well as Sensual Massages - Balancing the Sex System. 

Direct sexual energy remains in proper and correct directions. Balance of all chakras and energy flow in the central chambers Length of treatment - 60 minutes (+ 30 minutes gift). Body Balance Massage And Float specializes in Holistic treatments relate to the entire body, to physical, spiritual, and emotional realms. 

When a creative holistic therapist is in the process of planning and building holistic care, he is free to address important aspects such as - a patient's thoughts, his beliefs, his feelings, his thinking style and of course he has to learn what he feels in his body. 

The field of holistic medicine is very dynamic recently. There are hundreds of different holistic therapies, which means that there is a very rich range of holistic diagnostic and intervention tools that should help the patient to balance, relax and delight. The truth I never knew was distracting and tried and drowned. I can’t remember who and how they saved me. I woke up after a clinical death in an ICU. 

My friends and acquaintances came up to me: "Come on, tell me what you saw, who did you meet? Did you see angels?" To tell you the truth, I saw nothing, not God, no angels, no turbulence. 

Homeopathic treatment for dogs is also now possible at Body Balance Massage and Float - We love our pets and we know they love us with the most sincere and dedicated love. We consider them members of our family and are willing to do anything to protect them, provide them with security and comfort. 

It's not a secret that animals have, just as people have feelings. They, like us, experience feelings of fear, excitement, joy, anguish, anger, anger, jealousy, and maybe even a bad mood. Everyone who has animals always knows this, it stands out well when the animal is calm and happy, and when experiencing a state of stress. Bach Flower Care - Help and treatment are very effective in these situations. 

Bach flowers will help straighten and balance the emotional backdrop of your life and give it calm, peace of mind and comfort. Dr. Edward at Body Balance Massage And Float has treatments methods that are type of lean energy therapy that primarily affects the human psyche. 

Unlike chemically-produced drugs that activate the processes that take place in the body, Bach's method of treatment has a higher and less tangible level. Similar treatments are chosen by sensitive people, with a delicate emotional organization, and this method finds more and more followers of our time.

Because with the treatment of Bach flower extracts, there are no side effects and they complement the methods of traditional and alternative medicine.

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