Bird Diverter Technology Advances In Protecting Birds From Power Lines

by Richard Lawrence SEO

Power lines can be hazardous to the environment. They can cause bird mortality, and they are dangerous electrostatic shocks. Fortunately, there is a new technology that is being developed to protect birds from these hazards in the future.

What Bird Diverters Do

Bird diverters are devices that protect birds from power lines. They divert the birds away from the power lines, preventing them from being hurt or killed by the lines. The bird diverters work by creating a barrier between the bird and the power line. This barrier prevents the birds from reaching the power line, and they are therefore prevented from being injured or killed by it.

Types of bird diverters

There are many different types of bird diverters on the market today. Some diverters are simple devices that sit on the ground and redirect birds away from the power lines. Other types of bird diverters are more sophisticated and can be attached to poles or trees. These more sophisticated bird diverters can also create a protective mesh around the power line, preventing Birds from getting close to it.

The Benefits of Bird Diverters

There are many benefits to using bird diverters in order to protect birds from power lines. One of the most important benefits is that the diverters reduce the number of birds deaths caused by collisions with power lines. In addition, diverters can also help minimize the amount of electrocution and disorientation that birds experience when they come in contact with power lines. Finally, bird diverters can also be beneficial for humans because they reduce the amount of noise that birds make when they collide with power lines.


The benefits of bird diverter technology are clear. By preventing birds from coming into contact with power lines, they can avoid becoming injured or killed. Additionally, the technology can save power companies money by avoiding damage to the equipment caused by birds

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