Beyond SEO: New Ways to Drive Traffic to Websites.

by Rahul D. Rahul Dasondhi

Looking for new ways of transportation to websites such as yours?

The influence of search engine optimization is already well known to most small companies. Optimizing search engine pages and contents like Google helps to drive website traffic and to bring the brands to more potential customers. SEO isn't the only way brands can boost website traffic.

There are many strategies that you can use when building relationships with guides and clients to help drive more traffic back to your page. Some may have to invest at an early stage and others will just need your time and energy. The key is to know what tactics work for and concentrate on your company.

Looking for new ways to improve your website traffic? A list of only some of our favorite ways to move traffic to sites beyond SEO is compiled by us:

1.   Create great content

In your SEO you play a huge role with creating great content. But it goes further than that. People would be more interested to visit a site that offers some kind of value, with helpful, well-written content.

You will also share great content with your own public online. Which can drive back to your site even more traffic? Make sure the content is important and engaging to the needs of your audience.

You need to mix it when it comes to your content marketing tools if you want to drive traffic towards websites. What we mean by that is that you want to create long-form blog postings between 1.500 and 2.000 words in addition to shorter blog postings, about 500 words.

It benefits not only the SEO but also those who read your blog. The deeper you can go on a topic, the more likely you will be to connect with a potential customer.


Content commercialization is a great way to connect with your audience, build relationships and drive website traffic.

Even though most small businesses can handle the content of blogs themselves, other companies simply have no resources or experience to regularly compose quality content.

This is where the expertise of blog writing comes in.

You might want support from a digital marketing agency if you find it hard to keep your blog up to date with quality optimized content.

2.   List your business on online directories.

It's an easy way to increase traffic if you list your company in web directories and review sites. Most of these sites allow you to create a profile that lists important business details with a link to your website. Visitors will find you on these pages in search of keywords or products or services and return to their website for more information.

Find the relevant directories for your industry or country. You can also list your page in local directories, in addition to industry directories like Angie's List or Thumbtack. Most places have a business chamber or other local business directory where your company can be identified and a link back to your website.

3.   Be active on social media.

Another perfect way to increase traffic back to your site is to be involved in your own social media channels as well as in social groups and boards.

Next, you must ensure you promote blog posts or other valuable material on the social media channels on your web site. This will help your fans return to your site to learn more and convert potentially.

You also have to be active in the comments in addition to sharing content on social media. Answer questions, open a discussion or even share your gratitude in your posts ' comment section.

4.   Guest blog on relevant sites.

Your own blog is not the only place you can use great content to reach your target audience. You can also see a guest post about subjects that are significant for your audience on other blogs or related websites. Often when you write a guest blog, links back to your own site are available that help to make your blog posts and web pages more traffic.

Blogging on websites with similar or relevant audiences is the key to making the most of a guest blog post.

Once you find relevant websites that accept blog postings, you need to consider carefully which subjects are best suited for a guest blog pitch. Not only do you wish to write about subjects that are relevant to your audience, but they must also be suitable for the site on which you are a guest.

You can also use the opportunity to comment on other blog posts while you're there. However, for this, you may not get a link juice. But in your SEO plan, it still plays an important role. It enables you to establish connections, build authority and naturally lead interested readers to your website.

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