Beth Debouvre explores how the internet has greatly helped entrepreneurs to succeed

by Simon Morris I am a freelance writer.

The internet has dramatically leveled the playing field. Sure, there are still the giants global brands that dominate, but there are more opportunities than ever for smaller businesses to gain the upper hand thanks to the popularity of the internet. Because opening a new website is very inexpensive and accessible even to the most beginner of business owners, anyone can be an investor or an entrepreneur. Since the marketplace is right at your fingertips, computers make marketing and product launches simple.


Here is how the internet, according to marketing expert Beth Debouvre, has changed the dynamics of entrepreneurship forever. Let’s take a look.


No more barriers to entry - Beth Debouvre


In the past, entrepreneurship was seen as an exclusive club because the same titans always controlled the flow of customers. This was before the internet back when the market was a physical space only. But the internet shifted the marketplaces to the virtual spaces, and therefore the so-called real estate increased and allowed more and more people to develop newer and cost-efficient ventures. Here is a complete list of all the barriers that were removed by the click of the mouse.




The internet brought down the cost of starting a business. Simple domain fees and hosting fees mean more people can actively take part in venture building endeavors.




Real estate zoning would control the shops and sites for business. There is no such problem on the world wide web.


Resource control


Google controls all the resources on the internet, and it's mostly about the internet traffic. There is no cap or favor required with Google to access the internet and generate traffic for your domain.


Ad campaigns


Large players with their obscene financial clout could build ad campaigns to blow all the modest ventures out of the park. But through SEO and non-paid traffic, the internet has paved the way for the new age advertising and marketing strategies.


No more restrictive agreements


There is no physical limit to the number of players within a field or a niche. This wasn't the case prior to the internet, as government regulations could curtail the number of similar businesses in an area.


Some other aspects of internet benefits are as follows.


Automation to build a better brighter world


The expansion of a business includes the hiring of the workforce. It also includes building newer sites and physical stores. Yes, this happens in the real world, even today. But the fact of the matter is that thanks to the power of the computer, these aspects have modified and become finer. Computer automation has made processes streamline, and as machines handle more and more operations, errors, and glitches are becoming a thing of the past, thereby increasing productivity and quality. As a side note, it is cost-effective as well.


Setup and Maintenance are a Breeze


You will still need to put in the effort to come up with the goods and the content, but the truth is once you have set up your virtual store and automated your processes, all that is required is periodic monitoring. There are tools available for that as well, which can send you regular data regarding the success of a product, an ad campaign, the user interaction and traffic on your domain, and how competitors are faring. This is how you can take the most advantage of the digital system.


With the advantages on offer, it is not surprising to see that more and more start-ups are cropping up all over the world.



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