Best Way to Identify Generic Medicines.

by Surya Veer Registered Pharmacist

If you are still confused about how to identify Generic medicines or drugs then this blog is going to help you. 


Before you learn to identify the generic medicines it is important for you to understand what actually generic drugs are. Indian Generic Medicine is the same as the brand name medicines because they have the same dosage, effects, intended use, safety & side effects. 


However, in short, you can say that the pharmacological effects of generic drugs are completely the same as their brand-name counterparts. 

For instance, a a generic drug like Metformin is used for treating diabetes but the brand name for this drug is Glucophage.


But remember both medicines work in the same manner and provide the same results i.e. treat diabetes. 


Many people often become concerned as to why generic drugs are cheaper than their brand-name. 


They start having doubt upon the quality and effectiveness of generic drugs. 


But it is important for you to know that generic drugs are completely safe as well as effective as their brand-name medicines. 


Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs because the manufacturer does not come across expenses of developing or marketing medicine. 


When the brand-name the drug is introduced in the market then the money is already spent on research, development, and advertising.


Therefore, it is important for you to know that generic medicine is an equivalent alternate for its brand-name counterpart. 


How to identify generic medicines?


Below-stated are few points that will help you to identify the right generic medicines. 


·        The active ingredient of Cheap Generic Medicine should be the same as the brand-name drug. 


·        The generic medicine should be of the same strength and the same type of product. 


·        It should have the same route of administration as well as the same use indications. 


·        The effects of generic medicine should last like their brand-name drugs. 


·        Generic medicine needs to be manufactured under strict standards exactly the same as the brand-name medicine. 


·        Before buying the generic medicine you should also check its label which should be the same as brand-name label. 


As the active ingredient used in a generic drug is the same as their brand-name so the risks and benefits are the same for both. 


Before the introduction of generic medicine, it first goes through a rigorous review to ensure that it successfully meets the standard. 


Therefore, these are some points that can help you to identify the generic medicines. 


How do generic drugs differ from their brand-name medicine?


There are some differences between generics and brand-name drugs that are permitted.


But remember that they can only change the appearance of the medicine but not their work of mechanism & its safety. 


Generic medicines might differ in:


·        Packaging

·        Shape 

·        Color

·        Labeling (only minor differences)


However, there are some inactive ingredients in generic drugs that can be different from their brand-name drugs. 


Generic drugs might have different inactive ingredients like:

·        Preservative 

·        Flavoring 


It is important for you to know that generic drugs might have a different expiration date when compared to their brand-name drugs. 


But remember that generic drugs are going to keep their effectiveness until their expiry date just like the brand-name medicines. 


Why do generic drugs cost less than brand-name medicines?


You might be thinking how come generic drugs cost less than their brand-name medicines. You can Find generic medicines at Cheap Online Pharmacy Shop in India at the best price at doorstep delivery in the USA. Buy Medicines Online in the USA from online pharmacy store in India at best price


The major reason behind the inexpensive generic drug is that no-cost for researching and developing a new chemical entity is involved.   


Therefore, if you are not able to afford brand-name medicines then you can ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs. 











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