Best Preschool in india for your kids

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The education system in India has been improving over the years. Preschools are one of the most important forms of education for kids, and there are many facilities available to help children excel even before they start formal schooling. Preschools vary in terms of their quality and services offered, so it is important for parents to do their research properly before enrolling their children into one. In this guide, we have compiled a list of some of the best preschool in India which offer top-notch learning experiences for your kids:

Drs Kids

best preschool in india
best preschool in india

Dr.s Kids is the best preschool in India. It offers a good environment and a good curriculum to your kids. Dr.s Kids has a good infrastructure, with well-equipped classrooms, playgrounds and laboratories. The teachers are competent and well trained to handle different types of children. As it is located near Kolkata (the capital city of Bengal), it provides quality education at an affordable price for parents who live in other cities as well as those who live nearby but prefer sending their kids here because it has everything they need — facilities like classrooms with computers, toilets etc; food arrangements so that students don’t have any problem eating lunch or dinner here; transport facilities available so that parents can drop their children off in the morning before going anywhere else after dropping them off at school


Kidzee is the best preschool in india. They provide quality education to kids and their teachers are trained to teach children in a fun way so that they can learn and grow better. Kidzee has many branches across India, making it easy for you to enroll your child there as well.


Shemrock is the best preschool in India. Shemrock Mumbai is a play school for kids between the ages of three and five years. The curriculum is designed to help your child develop cognitive skills and self-confidence, while also having fun! They offer both Montessori and Playway methodologies at their schools across India.


Eurokids is a play school, nursery, daycare, pre-school and kindergarten in India. It was established in 2001 by Eurokids Education Society. They are located at Dadar East in Mumbai. Their mission is to give the best education to their students so that they can compete with international standards.

They have various extracurricular activities like dance classes and painting workshops where children learn new skills from qualified teachers at a very young age which helps them develop their potential faster than others who don’t participate in extra curricular activities at this stage of development

They also provide after school tutoring sessions for students who want more help with studies as well as school promotion trips around India every year for students who perform well during exams


Bambino is the best preschool in India, with a great infrastructure and environment for kids to learn. It has branches all over India and has the best teachers in the country.

Oi Playschool

If you are looking for a school in Mumbai that provides the right environment and quality education to your child, you should consider Oi Playschool. It is an English medium preschool that offers both day care and boarding facilities. The school also has an excellent reputation among parents who send their children there.

Oi Playschool is a residential school where children live on campus, but it does not have dormitories or boarding houses for them like most other schools in India do. Instead, Oi Playschool provides accommodations for students who live nearby so that they can stay close to their family members while still attending classes at this facility every day.

The residential nature of this school gives students unique opportunities to develop friendships and learn from each other during playtime activities such as arts & crafts projects and sports competitions which take place during weekends when most parents are not available due to work commitments since they often hold jobs outside Mumbai city limits too far away from home where they live now with their families (elderly parents included).

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids is a preschool in India. It is a play school in India. It’s also a preschool for kids in India and provides nursery education to your children. Kangaroo Kids has been around for almost 20 years now, and it has been awarded many times for its excellent work with children from the age of 2 to 6 years old. The curriculum at Kangaroo Kids is based on Montessori methodologies (which means that you don’t have to worry about your child learning things from scratch again once they entered school). This method focuses on hands-on learning through exploration, making them more self-sufficient when entering kindergarten or pre-schooling next year. Kangaroo Kids also offers extracurricular activities such as sports, music classes etc., which are designed keeping in mind the interests of each kid attending this school so that they can develop their skills while having fun doing so!

Mother’s Pride and Joy Preschool

  • Mother’s Pride and Joy Preschool is one of the best preschools in Delhi. It has a very good reputation and is known for its excellent infrastructure, faculty and teaching methodologies. The school is located in Dwarka, which makes it easily accessible to everyone in Delhi.
  • If you are looking for the best preschool for your child, then Mother’s Pride and Joy Preschool should be on top of your list.

Bachpan a Play School

Bachpan a Play School

Bachpan a Play School is one of the best preschools in India for kids. Bachpan a Play School has many branches in India and offers numerous facilities for children. The topmost priority at this educational institute is to create an environment where every child can learn, grow, and explore their potential through innovative teaching methods and fun activities.

Bachpan a Play School has been successful in shaping over 40,000 lives through its fun learning curriculum that empowers children to become global citizens by bringing out their inner strengths and talents. With over 4 decades of experience working with young minds, this institution has helped thousands of students achieve success both inside and outside classroom walls!

Podar Jumbo Kids

Podar Jumbo Kids is a preschool in Mumbai and is part of the Podar International School, founded by Mrs. Nandini and Mr. Rajiv Podar. The school follows a Montessori method of learning that helps children develop their creativity, imagination, self-confidence and concentration levels at an early age.

According to the teachers at Podar Jumbo Kids, they believe in following ‘lesson by lesson’ approach which means that activities are planned according to the child’s developmental stage or the content being taught in class so as not to overwhelm or confuse him/her with too much information all at once (which can happen when it comes down to teaching reading comprehension).

Indian Preschools are much better than any preschool in the world , kids enjoys most in Indian Preschools.

Indian Preschools are much better than any preschool in the world , kids enjoys most in Indian Preschools.

Preschools play an important role in shaping your child’s future. They can help to develop their skills and character as well as to overcome problems they might have from birth or from growing up with a disability.

The quality of a preschool has a big impact on how well children do during primary school and beyond, so choosing one that is right for your child will make a real difference to them.


I hope this article helped you in choosing the preschools in india for your kids. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in comments below.

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