Best Practices to Ensure Smooth Implementation of Odoo ERP

by Alex Forsyth Developer

Read this article for information about the many vital practices that every company should follow before implementing the Odoo ERP software. One should hire Odoo ERP Consultants for the best class services in this field.

Most of the organisations and large companies rely on the use of Odoo ERP for the execution of everyday activities. It brings proper organisation capabilities to the company through the streamlining of core business processes. It successfully handles all the activities across various departments of work from HR to CRM, sales, purchase and delivery, finance and accounting, inventory and warehouse managing and much more. No wonder, its popularity is indisputable.  

One can avail this ERP software named Odoo in Australia from expert consultants. However, during the procedure of implementation, it is necessary that they face some cautionary practices or track the additional metrics that bring about an operational disruption. While the Odoo system requires adequate time, resources and effort from the consultants, it also makes it equally important to get the correct software and right partner for integrating it into the company.  


Below mentioned are some practices that every company should follow before implementing the Odoo ERP application.  


Prioritising key necessities

The key task of the ERP software is managing and maintaining all the core and vital business processes every day. But to achieve this, the system has to carefully understand every process and procedure of the organisation, one has to know how it functions and impacts the overall business productively. This is pivotal to choose the vendor as well as the ERP software.  Another important part of this is prioritising every single procedure, thoroughly and step by step. So before one selects the Odoo ERP, they should have a planned strategy at hand, addressing all immediate needs even followed by the long term goals.  


Establishing key performance metrics

How do one measure whether the implementation of the Odoo ERP is successful or not? For this, one needs to establish and set up key performance indicators through which one can quantify their progress of performance and then make modifications accordingly. One can carefully prepare a robust business case of the Odoo ERP, eventually judging whether one needs customisation or not. This is vital because based on your decisions, it will impact the ROI.  


Assessing the cost

Investing in Odoo ERP software involves a slightly heavy budget. However, to avoid any unfortunate circumstance, later on, it is necessary that one has a strict budget at hand. Since this system is supposed to conduct everyday activities, having a planned budget helps one deal with situations during emergency times. Software like that would need technical maintenance which is why assessing the cost factor is necessary. 


Assessing the risks

One has to take into consideration all the potential risk factors that come with the implementation of the Odoo ERP. This includes many portions like data migration, system complexities, modifications and changes if needed, a failure in functioning etc. this is where one has to stay focussed. One should try to answer the key questions like if there is any planning to deal with adequate data migration, ways to reduce technical errors and complexities in the new Odoo system. The team should be open-minded about making modifications.  


To avert another potential risk factor, one should select the consultant who is adept in effectively handling these modifications, training all the staff members so that the entire company adapts to it faster. A deeper analysis and thorough research help in yielding the best results for the business.   

Testing the software 

Before implementation of the Odoo ERP, it is necessary that the software is properly tested and evaluated following all the approved measures. Many big and major companies follow the vital strategy of “measure twice, cut once” during technological checking. This emphasizes rigorous testing so that the Odoo ERP guarantees maximum and consistent performance so that futuristic progressive growth can be achieved faster than ever.  


These are some of the main practices that every company should undertake before implementing Odoo ERP software.  This way, they can aim towards bigger objectives and reach them eventually faster.  

Alex Forsyth is an expert for Odoo in Australia, associated with a reputed company named Envertis Software Solutions. The author has written this article to highlight the key and vital practices that one should always follow while and before implementing Odoo ERP software.

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