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There are few things as relaxing as a massage at the end of a long hectic day. However getting a massage is a luxury for most people, which they cannot indulge in every day. A massage is something that can only be given by one person to another. There is no way you can give yourself a relaxing deep tissue massage.

If you have ever received a deep tissue massage you will be familiar with the relaxation that it brings to the whole body and mind. The great thing about a massage is that it not only helps the body relax and rejuvenate but also de-stresses the mind. Some people go for massages every other day because of how de-stressing it is. When a highly skilled and intuitive massage therapist gives you a massage, it not only rejuvenates the mind and the body but also helps heal soreness stiffness aches and pains.

So what is the alternative for those who cannot go for a massage every day? It is a massage chair. As you must have guessed it, a massage chair is like your own personal massage therapist right at home that’s waiting to rejuvenate your body and mind every evening after you get home. Massage chairs have become a popular option among those who love the benefits of a massage but do not want to head to a massage parlor every day. Even though it is a chair he tests all the functions awesome massage built in to provide all the benefits of a physical massage. Of course, a massage chair can often be more expensive than what you would pay at a massage parlor but when you have a massage chair at home you may never need to go to a massage parlor again, helping save a lot of money.

A massage chair is usually much larger than a normal chair that people use for sitting on. It is ergonomic, cushioned, and made in a design that is FDA-approved. There are designated places to put your arms, legs, neck and head so you can recline and enjoy the work that the chair does on your body.

You also need a proper place to put the chair because it is often quite big and requires much space. It can also set you back by a few thousand dollars.

Features of a massage chair

Because massage chairs are a hot selling item right now there are various kinds in the market today, each having their own features and available at different price points. It goes without saying that those with lesser number of features are less expensive than those that have all the advanced features. Although a massage chair can have an endless number of features, the following are the standard features found in almost every massage chair.

Foot rollers: Every massage chair comes with the option of having your feet massaged while you lay back and relax. Simply stretch out your legs and relax as the machine gently massages your legs and eases all soreness, pain and discomfort.

Smart screen and remote: The massage chair is controlled with the means of the computerized screen that’s standard in every massage chair. Most of them also include a remote, and some of them have an app that can be synced with the chair.

Roller or air based massage: Massage chairs use different massage techniques. They can either use the roller based massage technique or the air based massage technique (where there’s no use of rollers). The latter is usually found in premium massage chairs.

Wheels: Massage chairs are big and heavy. Without wheels they are almost impossible to move around. That is why massage chairs come with wheels, to facilitate easy transportation. Do not buy any massage chair that doesn’t come with wheels.

Recliner: Yes, when a massage chair isn’t in use, it can be used as a sofa. So, if you don’t have a comfy lounge chair or sofa to relax in, your massage chair could be the perfect chair to relax in. massage chairs only work when they have been turned on, but when they are turned off, you can still sit on them and relax in the comfort. You could even sleep on it.


5 Best massage Chairs

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