Best Magento 2 development tools developers must use in 2022

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Magento 2 is the most favoured and well-designed eCommerce development platform and one of the reasons is the availability of a wide range of Magento 2 development tools. And here's the list of the best tools every Magento developer must use in 2021.

Magento is undeniably the best platform for eCommerce website development. But to make the best use of this powerful and well-designed platform, it is essential for every Magento developer to have familiarity and experience in using the right set of Magento 2 development tools.

ECommerce is one of the booming business sectors now and having an engaging, mobile-friendly, optimised, secure, and customer-driven website has become essential. And with Magento 2, you can achieve this by using the right set of tools. Knowing the features, benefits and uses of the tools is important to choose the right ones as per the project requirements. Also, the developer must know how to install and use these tools to make the most out of them for the eCommerce website. There are shipping tools, debugging tools, designing tools, optimising tools, and many more than making the entire development process hassle-free and smooth.

Here's the list of the best Magento 2 tools developers must know and use in 2021.


XDebug is another most useful Magento 2 development tool that helps to debug the Magento codes effortlessly with the use of the DBGp debugging protocol. The Magento tool can help in easily profiling the data on the PHP scripts. Some of the advantages of using XDebug for Magento 2 development are that it aids to improve the website by finding blockages, helps to run through the IDE or code editor while executing the scripts, helps to display the errors while coding, and helps to write and trace the missing function calls and arguments in the codes.

Magento debug:

Magento debug tool is also a highly advantageous toolbar that is used for debugging the codes depending on the Django framework. The tool helps to list out the request attributes for the Magento developers to let them understand the scripts or codes in a better way. Magento debug toolbar is quite similar to the Magento 2 development toolbar with the only difference in appearance, otherwise the features of both the tools are quite similar.


MageTool is one of the most popularly used Magento development tools that use the Zend framework for developing the websites. This tool helps in reducing repetitive tasks and that is one of the primary reasons why it is a favoured tool. Developers can also easily migrate from Magento admin to MySQL tool with MageTool. Magento developers can also easily run commands for enhancing the workflow substantially. Some of the pros of uacsing MageTool is that it automates the common operations, and operates to reindex the data and clear the cache as well.

Magento PHPUnit Integration:

The PHPUnit integration makes it easy for the developers to test the coding quality. The core files always remain unaltered and a separate database is created every time to test the codes and find the bugs or errors significantly. Some benefits of using this tool are that it helps to effortlessly test the quality of the codes, configure the module issues, and also implement a bridge between PHPUnit and Magento.


PHPStorm is the most useful and commonly used Magento 2 development tool especially when you are creating a large-scale Magento website. This tool can help you to seamlessly manage the projects with minimal effort and work. It also helps with efficient testing, debugging, and profiling of the website. PHPStorm is easy to install, offers smart code assistance, supports a version control system, FTP and remote synchronisation, provides a visual debug facility and offers many more advantages when it comes to eCommerce website development. helps to evaluate the security and the quality of a Magento 2 website and then give a quick insight into its quality and security status. Furthermore, it also helps to easily fix the possible vulnerabilities. The tool looks for and helps to identify all the vulnerabilities in the Magento e-store as well as in some of the third-party extensions as well.

Easy Template Path Hints:

Easy Template path Hints enables the developers to easily enable the template path hints for both the front-end and back-end. With this tool, the Magento developers can find the paths for template files or blocks in the themes on any specific page. Developers can also turn on the path hints by just passing additional parameters to the controller.

The above-mentioned Magento 2 web development tools can assist the Magento developers to achieve the desired result effortlessly. Building a Magento 2 website as per every unique eCommerce business needs can be a little difficult and time-consuming without using the right tools. Also, these tools help in giving a personalised touch to the websites and help in building a high-performing and flawless online store.

Jonathan Paul is a dedicated and expert Magento developer associated with the top Magento web development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to unbox the list of the best tools for efficient and effortless Magento 2 web development.

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