Best laptops for Adobe Illustrator: All the Hardware Requirements

by Andrew S. SEO Specialist

No matter which brand you purchase, there will be a few instances with Adobe Illustrator that you may face with the major slowdowns especially with watercolor images. Making choice in regard to best laptops for Adobe illustrator is the matter of understanding the hardware without which it turns to be an upsetting.


What causes this?

It’s not for the hardware only but for several other factors that are responsible for quick and efficient Adobe Illustrator run. 

The two most important things are the use of Illustrator and the option selected.

But, never let that hinder you from getting the best hardware requirements and from learning how the software takes advantage of each component.

It ensures you how to get the best & fastest workflow and reduce the number of hours you use on an assignment.



There are two things to look after when shopping for CPUs: clock speed and #cores. The clock speed (measured in the GHZ unit) upsets the Illustrator the most. The software influences a large amount of data when playing around the design which needs to do many calculations, these calculations is evidently done faster with a faster processor.



The cores refer to the number of CPUs within a CPU. Think of it having more than one calculator to solve a problem. Unfortunately, compared to Photoshop and inDesign, Adobe Illustrator performance is awful, its slow and even at the most basic operations.



You ought to be out of your mind to go with the 3GB recommended by Adobe. Windows 10 itself takes +2GB. Other apps in the Adobe Suite will need at least 8GB of RAM.

Even if you don’t plan on using them, if you work with bigger file sizes and add up more affects you need RAM with more space. There will be a few instances where you’ll run out of RAM even if you go for 8GB but this is very rare.

16GB will make sure you fly through whatever you throw at it but that may be too much if this isn’t your main tool of work.

Nobody is concerned about the storage size. Illustrator and its file sizes don’t take up too much space. More significantly is the storage speed.



A Solid-State Drive is helpful in this situation; the fastest one is 17 X faster than an HDD. They’re expensive with small storage capacity but who cares, you can always get an external hard drive if you can’t afford a high storage SSD.

That’s not all they can do; they’ll also boot up your system in seconds and start your software in a flash. Saving/Opening and anything related to reading/writing data will be several times faster too.



GPUs come more in handy when you are dealing with large situations: Ex: creating very complex compound paths and when working with higher display resolutions.

 It’s a recent miracle by Adobe to start using GPU acceleration to improve performance, this is still experimental as you can check in their website so you don’t have to go to go bankrupt to buy the latest out there.



The perfect resolution at this point in time is 1080p.

Nearly every editing software out there is optimized to work with 1080p, if you have to work with 4k resolutions for the rest of the Adobe Suit get a desktop.


Bottom Line:

These requirements are the main specifications you should go with, you can add more extra features if your budget permits. For more information on other purposes laptops, you can visit Laptop Age blog to have a clear idea on what you need and what you are going to buy.

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