Best Healing Gemstones To Use

by Sehdev Jewellers Gemologist, Gemstone Dealers
From the earliest centuries, natural and certified gemstones have been regarded with a lot of importance since they are imbibed with powerful healing properties. It is therefore no wonder that astrologers strongly recommend people to wear different kinds of gemstones to heal physical, emotional and mental problems.
Gemstones are naturally produced inside the earth, and they have got powerful energies that can impact our bodies and lives in different ways. Our bodies are made up of different types of energies and when there is a disturbance in the energy balance, we experience different types of mental and physical illnesses. The energies produced by wearing astrological gemstones can resonate strongly with our body and soul, thus bringing the necessary healing.

So let’s have a look at different types of gemstones and their overall impact on our health. 


Citrine has a striking yellow color that makes it extremely beautiful. It can help to strengthen one’s resolve and stay focused and determined so that goals and aims can be achieved. The stone also bestows a lot of positive energy and vitality to the wearer. It can also boost creativity and mental concentration. Citrine are substitutes for Yellow Sapphire.


Onyx can offer robust protection against harmful influences and save the wearer from stress and confusion. The stone can also help in enhancing physical vitality and energy.  


Garnet is a highly productive stone when you are looking to boost your confidence and free willpower. It can increase your courage and allow you to get rid of any difficulty. The stone can also cleanse your chakras and help you to materialize your goals.   People can wear Garnet as substitutes of Ruby gemstone (manik stone).


Wearing a Topaz can bring plenty of happiness, generosity, wealth and positive health. It can heal, soothe and stimulate the chakras in your body. It also encourages forgiveness and truthfulness. The stone can also keep you young and energetic for a long time. Topaz is used as substitutes of sapphires. These  sapphire stone online also available.


Turquoise is a stone that is known for its ethereal blue shade. It is a gemstone that can offer protection from harmful energies and serious, fatal injuries. It can also bring positive emotions in the wearer and keep him or her happy at all times. 


The Jade stone helps in calming the mind and relaxes the nerves. It can also serve as a protection against sickness and ill health. The stone helps to remove feelings of rejection and guilt. Jade is also regarded as a powerful crystal for the energies of love and can be used for fostering trust, friendship and fidelity. 


Amethyst can heal the magnetic vibrations of the body and promote a healthy sleep cycle and blood circulation. It can also help in the regeneration of the body cells.  Amethyst is substitute of blue sapphire gemstone.

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