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So now it's going to have these kinds of bars that I can expand so I could expand it out to the right. And you'll notice it continues to repeat the same box over and over and you can key go on and do four and five if you'd like. But we're going to digital marketing service do three. And what's great about this is I can go over to this column and I'll be able to change the pixel spacing between the column to get it just right. So we can have pixels between the columns and the same thing goes for down here.
I can actually make a rose I can make many many rows so this is so easy to be able to make mobile app concepts when you have maybe yeah you're doing a mobile app and you have a lot of data may maybe user data that you're listing and you do it in a nice stylized box. We can create hundreds of digital marketing company in vadodara these things very easily by using this tool. So we just want to have one-row sort of just click on one just kind of size it whereas one row and we're ready to go. So right now these move as one unit. Find out best results with 99Profile.

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So let's say I want to start to update kind of some objects in here. How do I kind of unlink these? We're going to right click and we're going to UN group a grid. So now these are going to be treated as individual elements again no longer linked together like they were when we had the repeat grid option on. So now it's going to be a digital marketing company in vadodara able to step click and modify our options so option and option. And one thing I want to do I save my character style here for my option one headline but I want to be able to save my paragraph copy. So I have to highlight that.
  • See if I can go ahead and select the box right click to go to add character styles to assets. And now I have my paragraph copy half. And then I'm going to make this my header. This could probably be H header so I'll probably have a larger size which will be this up here. So only a right click clicks off digital marketing company in vadodara of it click again and right click and go see add character styles to assets this could be our H this will be our biggest header size.
  • And then the yellow H will kind of be our next size down and then we'll have an H in an H for. If you've ever done the SS coding you'll know all about that. So I'd like to change the photos on all of these so we could just go ahead and bring out our finder to go and find the right photo for these and just drag it in if I want to change your cropping a double click.
  • I can kind of zoom in a little bit more on my photo. When we're doing mobile app our web app mockups our digital marketing company in vadodara digital product mockups for clients we want to do it in a budget-friendly way. We're just trying to get the idea across what we want the Web site to look like and how it flows and how it meets with target demographics and our user personas we developed.
  • We really want to make sure the Web site looks good. But we want to do it in a timely fashion. We do want to spend a whole lot of money in the concept phase because we still have to develop this and sometimes that means hiring a developer to hard code this and get this digital marketing company in vadodara to become a reality unless we're really good at that too. But it's not always expected for us to design and concept but also codes its crazy to start that we need to start to specialize.

  1. Anyway, so we need to do things in a timely manner some to try to show you a little trick of the trade to kind of speed up that concept process. So when we went back here I got a digital marketing company in vadodara go and do a simple circle the down ship to make a perfect circle and we're going to click on repeat grid. It's going to make three.
  2. This is exactly what we just did down here. But I want to show you a little trick instead of dragging each photo in like I did. You can speed up the process a little bit. If you already know the photos you want to load and in a certain order.
  3. So I'm taking these photos that I've highlighted in my finder and I'm dragging them into that first circle and it will automatically populate with all of them. So that works really well if you want digital marketing company in vadodara to kind of do some generic profile shots so you maybe have some headshots or people shots.
You have maybe small circles that you created the repeat grid you could drag in kind of generic all different headshots drag him in there and they're going to populate that entire row of which will really come in handy when you're doing mobile app development when you have a lot of users. So just a little trick of the trade plan now it's time to do a simple footer. So right now we're kind of stuck with this kind of size but we know there's something called below the fold. So when you load a web page this is what they'll see. But there are also ways they can scroll down and see more. So how do we design lower than this when we're already at the cutoff. We're going to go ahead click on our main name here for our artboard.

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