Best 7 Replacement Blade Suggestions For Maximizing Productivity Of Your Oscillating Multi- Tool

by Robert Johnson Digital Marketing Expert

Blades are the core of every oscillating multi-tool and the best way to retain their productivity and multi-tasking abilities like cutting, sanding, polishing, etc., for a long period one has to choose them carefully. As branded blades are expensive most regular users go for replacement blades that are just as good and fit into tools like any regular oscillating multi-tool blades with minimum fuss provided you fit the right replacement blades after consulting a seller.

a.      Fein Saw blades kit for cutting projects – These blades made with star lock mount design are manufactured in such a way that they not only fit into its own brand tools but also into that of its competitors. The kit has a combination of two 160 and two 161 Long Life blades along with a 153 universal blade and a carrying case to hold around 30 blades.

b.      Rockwell Sonicraft blades – The Rockwell brand is well recognized in the multi-tool market for the quality of its products and its accessories and blades are capable of carrying out a large number of uses. Rockwell Sonicraft blades are versatile and are capable of cutting through all surfaces be it plywood, glass, green-board, stone, metal pipes, nails, leather, carpet and all types of wooden surfaces with precision. But their blades don’t last forever and you can always buy aftermarket multi-tool blades.

c.       Grout Removal blades – This semi-circular blade is generally coated with carbide grit for easy removal of grout applied by masons while setting up tiles. These blades are available in different thicknesses for use inappropriate surroundings and can also be used to reach grout in awkward corners. Carbide grit blades are cutting soft materials like paint, grout,

d.      Scraper Blade – There are two types of scraper blades among which the rigid scraper is used for removal of vinyl and carpet flooring stuck down by adhesive. Flexible scraper blades are best used for removal of caulk around doors, windows, and roofs. They can also be used for scraping off paint from wooden doors and windows so that fresh coats of paints can be applied.

e.       Flush Cut saw blade – This blade usually available in sizes of 3/8” or 1-3/16” is used for making flush cuts in wooden blocks, drywall, and other soft surfaces. They do not wear off easily so replacement blades work just as well as the original ones.

f.       Circular flat blades – This blade which can cut through soft surfaces like particleboard, drywall, and hardwood with equal ease can even slice through plastic, fiber-glass and 20 gauge metal with ease like a multipurpose tool. Ideally used by floorers, tilers, and carpenters for cutting materials to size the blades are expensive so replacement blades are the ideal investment when old ones wear off.

g.      Diamond blades –For making tough and demanding cuts on ceramic surfaces, cement and stone surfaces like granite in kitchen and bathrooms the diamond grit semi-circular blade is the most effective. 

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