Benefits of Wearing a Gemstone

by Vikas Mehra GEMOLOGY

Most astrologers offer the facility of online consultation for gemstone recommendation. It is possible to reduce difficulties in life by wearing a gemstone in the form of a ring, pendant, bracelet or any other jewelry. Using the right gemstone gives a lot of success in life and decreases the effects of malefic planets in the horoscope. 

It is important to choose a good gemstone that is suitable for a person. If the gemstone is not accurate and suitable for you, it can lead to serious problems in life. This increases the importance of consulting an astrologer for knowing about the most suitable gemstone. 

People who are unhappy and facing troubles in their life must try gemstones. Gemstones have the power to affect the planets in the Kundli and solve the difficulties without much effort. It is best to take the advice of a Vedic Astrologer who knows how to analyze the horoscope well. 

Each gemstone has a certain effect on life and pacifies a particular planet. Wearing a gemstone of your good planets can give good results in life. Also, the bad effects of weak planets can be rectified with gemstones. 

Choosing the right gemstone is not that easy. The astrologer studies the horoscope very deeply and checks out the areas of life that need attention. They will check the suitability of a gemstone and see if it will be appropriate to use or not. Using a wrong gemstone can prove to be dangerous so one should not use a gemstone without a recommendation by an expert astrologer. 

The astrologer should be familiar with the concepts of Vedic astrology. He should be able to judge the gemstones that will benefit in the specific problems areas like career, marriage, health, education or any aspect of life that is creating problems in the life of a client. Get the Gemstone Recommendation from an astrologer near you or consult online. Phone and email consultations for knowing the right gemstone are also available. 

The method of Gems Recommendation by Date of Birth is the most accurate one. A person who wants to wear a gemstone can get the kundli checked by providing the exact birth details like date, time of birth, and place of birth to the astrologer. Gemstones have healing powers and they influence many areas of life. 

Astrologers prepare an astrological chart or kundli of a client and study the effect of planets in the chart. They offer the best advice on choosing the right gemstone based on their study of the horoscope. 

The weak planets in the Kundli are responsible for the major problems in life. The gemstones have the power to change the thinking pattern, behavior, and the way events take place in our life. Stones have an effect on the soul and mind. It is not good to wear a gemstone of lord of malefic houses in the Kundli like the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house. 

Gemstones of lords of these houses can be very harmful so avoid them. Your astrologer can judge best the gemstone that will benefit you. Trust a Vedic astrologer for providing guidance on choosing the gemstones as per the position of planets in the horoscope. 

Some people who wear gemstones complain that they are not getting any benefit from the gemstone. The reason behind this is using a gemstone without consulting an astrologer and not knowing whether the stone is suitable or not. Getting a Gems Recommendation by Date of Birth is the best way to choose and buy a suitable gemstone. Consult an expert before you buy a gemstone from the market. Follow the right procedure of wearing a gemstone. If you do this, you will certainly get the benefits of the gemstone you wear. Always buy government certified and lab tested gemstones from a reliable source or supplier.

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