Benefits of Low Level Laser Hair (LLLT) Therapy

by Aranta Sanchez Hair Again

Low-dose laser treatment is one of the safer options for people who are suffering from male pattern baldness. The therapy starts with a light or heat treatment, after some tests on the hair and the skin type. This procedure is best for genetic hair loss tendencies in both men and women. This process is also known as red light therapy, photobiomodulation, cold laser, biostimulation, and soft laser. 


Up to 70% of men suffer from androgenetic alopecia, and in women, it’s 40%. If you do not find any solution for it, it can last a lifetime. Men usually face clear alopecia patterns, and it results in baldness. While women go through the thinning of hair on their scalps. For both genders losing strands is a frustrating situation. 


There is another way you can bring back lustrous hair, and that is the surgical process. It’s a non-invasive procedure and takes time to recover. On the other hand, you can opt for a low-dose laser therapy, which is the safest alternative. Read on to know more about the benefits of the same. 


For both men and women: 


This type of hair treatment is applicable for both men and women. If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, or thinning of hair, you can always opt for Low Level Laser Hair Therapy. This therapy does not include any invasive procedure, so you will recover faster from the sessions. 


No complications: 


If you have heard of laser therapy, you have information on chemo, which you know is painful for the patients. But in the case of low-level hair therapy, it’s safe. The light or heat of the laser beams is controlled here so they cannot harm your hair or skin. In a surgical process, there will be skin grafting and other processes, but with low laser treatment, you won’t feel any kind of discomfort or pain. Also, if you are in doubt you can check the complication or risk at the clinics, and you will find none. 


Clean and painless: 


One of the best things about Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is, it’s painless. You will get a clean process done on your head, and it will be without any discomfort. You can confidently opt for this procedure, as there is no risk or complication. You can go on with your daily life, after each session. To avoid any issues and to provide the best solution, you might have to attend two to three low-level therapy. 


Inexpensive treatment: 


Low-level laser treatment is inexpensive. You can check the cost of a surgical procedure and then compare the same with the low-level laser procedure. You will find the difference. You might have to attend two-three appointments, but that will be very affordable compared to the surgical method. Also, you can save money as you won’t have to spend weeks healing the incision wounds. 


Minimal time: 


As you already know that Low Level Laser Hair Therapy requires two to three appointments to get a better result, it also takes minimal time. You are busy with your work, while this treatment will not take hours to give you the best result. Unlike the surgical procedure, you can go on with your normal life after every session. You won’t have to stay under dietary restrictions. 


Portable devices: 


If you have less time to spend on hair treatment, you can ask the experts to bring the solution to your home. Some of the low-level laser hair treatment devices are portable. So, you can have the treatment in your home. 


Low Level Laser Hair Therapy will give you the best result as the hair growth will begin from the crown of your head and then the hairline of your forehead. After the session is complete you will get the best result. 

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