Benefits of Damodar Desi Ghee That May Change Your Perspective

by Amarnath Milk Foods Pvt Ltd Writer in FMCG

Our elders always describe to us the importance of eating ghee. The modern generation considers ghee as something unhealthy that they usually hesitate to include in their daily diet. Elders always speak from their best experiences. Pure Desi Ghee extracted from a pure cow is no lesser than a mine of healthy nutrients. In the same way, Damodar Desi Ghee contains all the health benefits that are required by the human body. Shri Amarnath Milk Foods is a leading manufacturer of Damodar Desi Ghee. Damodar Desi Ghee is processed from healthy cow and buffalo milk through the Traditional Valona Process. Let's discuss in detail why you must include Damodar Desi Ghee in your daily diet.


  • Pure cow Desi Ghee is a part of the satvik Diet - Pure cow milk desi ghee is considered a food of the satvik diet. Our ayurvedic practices highly emphasize including satvik foods in our diet. People are not much aware of this. Modern science advancements have made us forget about our rich ancient Ayurveda practices, which helped people live for many years. Amarnath Milk Foods company has taken a step in this direction to help people realize the importance of consuming pure ghee. Various benefits of eating satvik food include - balancing the three doshas of the body, nourishing our skin for a brighter glow, increasing intelligence level and body energy, increasing body immunity to fight diseases, and removing the toxins from the body and nourishing our mind and body.


  • Modern Science recommends pure cow ghee - Even modern doctors tell their patients to eat pure desi cow ghee for a good source of fat. Cow ghee doesn't increase bad levels of cholesterol as some people think. Even modern scientists themselves recommend eating ghee as a source of good cholesterol.


  • Produces tons of oxygen -Pure Damodar Desi Ghee when used in hawans and poojas, results in oxygen production. That's why it's a common practice to use ghee while making fire sacrifices now. We all at some point in time, wonder about this question.


  • Pure Desi Ghee contains natural healing properties - Desi Ghee helps in the fast recovery of wounds. During ancient times, people used pure desi ghee for healing purposes. Pure desi Ghee is highly effective in treating skin rashes, chronic ulcers, broken bones, etc.


  • Produced through ancient valona Process - Modern methods use techniques that destroy properties of result ghee. Amarnath Milk food produces ghee by the valona process which is a very old method. Ghee results after this possess the complete health benefits of pure cow milk.

 Uses of Damodar Desi Ghee

 Enhances taste of khichdi, halwa, and dal. Dal is incomplete without delicious desi ghee tadka. Ghee is a must thing to include in our kitchens as some dishes are just incomplete without ghee. Often called a “super food." Even we got feedback that without Damodar desi ghee, their food is complete and they only prefer it over other so-called branded food products. 

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All the essential benefits are described above to help you change your perspective about desi ghee benefits. Many people are aware already.

Consume in moderation. Enjoy the delicious Damodar Desi Ghee. Buy today from Shri Amarnath Milk Foods.


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