Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings

by Kevin Smith Author

Dental fillings make it possible to save a tooth that has begun to decay. The dentist is able to drill away the decayed portion of the tooth and fill up the resulting cavity with another material. In the past amalgam, or silver, was one of the most popular filling materials. But a composite resin material made of powdered plastic and glass is quickly becoming the filling material of choice for most dentists. Here are some of the benefits of composite fillings in St. Petersburg, FL, that you need to know about.

More Tooth-Like Appearance

One of biggest benefits of composite fillings is that they more closely match the appearance of the teeth, so the fillings are harder to spot. In fact, they come in numerous shades so they can match the surrounding tooth and teeth almost exactly and most people can't even see the filling, no matter what size of filling you get. This is especially important when getting a filling on one of the more visible teeth. In addition to matching the surrounding teeth when first placed, composite fillings will also retain that appearance. The same isn't true for silver fillings, which will often corrode and then stain the teeth.

Less Invasive

What many people don't realize about composite fillings besides the difference in appearance is that they're actually usually less invasive than fillings using other materials. That's because they only require the actual decayed portion of the tooth to be removed because the material doesn't have to be wedged into the cavity. Silver fillings often require part of the healthy tooth to be removed in order to fit the material in the cavity. Composite resin bonds directly to the tooth, so none of the healthy tooth needs to be removed. A special curing light is used to speed up this bonding process so that the procedure can be completed in one appointment.

Wider Use Possibilities

Because of the bonding nature of composite fillings in St. Petersburg, FL, composite resin can be used in more areas that amalgam fillings can't. Not only can this material be used for any area of decay on the tooth, but it can also be used to cover biting edges that have become damaged and worn over time. Resin composite may also be used to cover smooth surfaces of the teeth to cover imperfections since it can bond right to the tooth.

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