Bathing Your Pregnant Dog With Care

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One of the important stages in the life of a female dog is her pregnancy under which, it requires whole lot of caring steps for its healthy existence. Under this period, the owner which possesses a female dog requires to look after her with extreme care and protection. Pregnant dog may require a rich kind of food from its master, clean water and all the activities of hygiene that help to keep her and the ones inside her healthy.

Under this, each and every step taken for her care requires carefulness and so does its grooming. You may have to follow certain norms while you offer to bathe your pregnant dog. Stay connect with us for latest pet grooming tips!

Bathing A Pregnant Dog:

Pregnant dogs would require bathing just as any other dogs at any other stage need it. Since they are more of a fragile element, you need to keep safety while you touch its stomach or put pressure on its abdominal region.

Generally, dogs should be offered a bath once every week under such conditions and if they have large hair on their body, they could also be given a bath twice a week.

You could follow the following steps while you wish to bath your to-be-mother pet:

·         Fill a bath tub by mixing hot and cold water till they turn just above the room temperature. Dogs enjoy bathing in the water which is a bit cool.  You could also take a spray attachment for the same.

·         Pick up your pregnant pet very carefully by placing one hand near its lower abdomen and one towards its chest. Place it very carefully in the bath tub filled with water. Be careful to keep as much water as required.

·         Spray water on all its body parts until it is completely wet and soaked.

·         Take a mild, dog-special shampoo and spread it between your hands. Apply it all over your pet’s body but avoid eyes and ears, unless the shampoo specifically says ‘tearless’. Apply it well so that the shampoo reaches well to the skin but is not able to touch the genitals of the dog. These shampoos are capable of causing yeast infections in the pregnant dogs.

·         Rinse the dog and wash it with a spray or mugs full of water, so that the shampoo particles are completely washed off its skin. While performing this too, be careful that no particles enter the eyes of your dogs and hurt it. Wash it very carefully in the legs and hind parts so that the shampoo particles do not irritate it afterwards.

·         After this is done, place a clean towel on the floor. Lift your dog very carefully as it tends to be slippery after washing. Place it very watchfully on the spread towel and wrap it in the same. Use another towel to wipe out the residual water on its body, starting from its head up to its tail. Be careful while wiping it stomach.

You careful steps while grooming your pet could certainly save it from some future mishaps and the agony which turns up due to it, for both of you.

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