Basics of Web Designing-every Web Designer Should Know

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute

As, the web design term suggests something that related to designing, colors, pictures etc.!! In today's business world, web plays a very important part and everyone's favorites are mobile websites. Which can be done by various software and various languages.

Web designing is the combinations of interactions + designing (which include colors, pictures and so on) by providing information.

The parent languages which are used for this are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and many more.

These developments are called as front-end development.

If you belong to any field, whether its B. TECH, BCA etc. website development plays an important part of your career whether you want to become a web designer or want to build a solid career in the field of web designing. ADMEC Multimedia Institute helps you to chase your dream.

Web designing is the process which connects the people with styling + looks + feel. It must attract people with looks and interesting information.

Let's move to our topic Basics or Fundamentals of Web Designing.

  • Source Code - you can check client-side code

While surfing a website, maximum chances are that you must go through interesting, interactive and cool websites these days.

While going through the websites you may check the front-end programming of the website code by right click on the mouse → View Page Source/ Source/ Source Code, will provide you the informative codes on which the development of the website is done.

The code is build up with the combination of HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and many more but you cannot see the server-side code i.e. PHP and MySQL in Source.

  • Why do web designers use HTML?

HTML- stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a basic language and at the same time important too.

HTML starts with HTML tags, it is a case-insensitive language but structured language.

HTML works with the use of 'TAGS', it uses two types of tags:

  • Opening Tags (<)
  • Closing Tags (>)

The latest version of HTML is HTML5 which increases the efficiency of web designs.

  • Use of CSS in a Website

CSS - stands for Cascading Style Sheets, as the name suggests it uses for styling purpose and provides additional features of styling in web pages. It saves time and human efforts as it designs once and uses for multiple pages. It helps HTML elements to display it on web pages.

CSS codes are kept in curly braces and all the contents are end with semicolons. CSS3 which is a well-known latest version of CSS is nowadays has become an essential part of web designing.

To be excellent in it one should have a good amount of knowledge of its all common and stable properties, units, and specificity.

  • Bootstrap - A baseline to start a mobile-friendly website by Twitter

This is a framework based on HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It offers SASS supports also so that web designers can write CSS using SASS which is a CSS preprocessor based on Ruby for your information.

Mobile websites and responsive websites are hugely being developed by Twitter Bootstrap.

The Bootstrap framework for front-end is free and effortless website development.

It encourages the use of jQuery (a library of JavaScript) attachments with HTML and CSS.

Bootstrap 3 well matched with recent browsers and it is the fundamental framework for mobile sites.

The latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4 which is additional responsive and faster with extra components.

  • jQuery - Write Less and Do More

Web designing with jQuery is similar to working with JavaScript as it uses JavaScript libraries. It is both easy to learn and understand.

jQuery is designed by John Resig.

It is a profitable platform with JavaScript which is very fast, cross-platform, and cross-browser too.

It helps to navigate easily, provides animation, events can also be handled and originates Ajax applications.

To work in jQuery, you should have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It works on "Write Less and Do More" principle.

  • Angular - one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript

Angular offers you to code in MVC or MVVC which is the proven design pattern for large-scale applications. It provides you with all the common features which an established and popular framework should provide to a web designer or UI developer.

It is very useful in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) which offer a great user experience to its users by providing data in a single page without refreshing the whole page.

Some of the common features are- MVC, Directives, Components, strong Components communication features through the use of EventEmitter and Decorators, Services and Dependency Injection (DI), Routing, HttpClient, Forms, Animation, Deployment, and Testing.

And lots more and more additional features are there, working in Web Designing is a privilege in today's business.


As the strategy of the internet increasing day by day, web developers and designers are becoming the bedrock for the growth of the company in the market.

If you talk about the past statistics, industries are furnished with websites, for example, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. are the few new startups which give rise to the new scale startup businesses which signaling in boost and growth in the economy in the age of success and competing with the sky-high buildings.

In the present era, most industries are now using online marketing through their websites. So, web designing is not a hard and fast rule, if you are wondering for the successful career to start with, then web designing can be a good option. It is easy to learn and can be designed with less amount of codes by the non-programmers too.

Web designing and web development don't require any programming knowledge and background. One can directly start just after high school or intermediate too if s/he has passion and a dream to do something big in this field.

The secret of success is hidden in investing our time in productive learnings and enhancing the skills in the right path, please so select your training institute for web designing wisely.

Web designers are the demand in the market, to become a great designer there are various institutes who will teach and make you the master of it. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the best web design institutes in Delhi which offers several web designing courses and web development courses with great instructors for helping you to build your successful careers. You can directly contact our counselor at +91 9911782350, 9811818122 for more information.

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