Basic Tips on Maths Assignment Help for Trigonometry

by Sophie Williams SEO executive

Studying maths and its branches is a time-consuming affair, and the brains get jumbled up each time a new topic is taught in your college or university class. Added to this, when it comes to assignments, it is a pain in the neck affair. Firstly you are confused with all those equations, rules, derivations and sums and secondly the pressure to complete assignments. Most students seek maths assignment help to help them cope with the crisis.

Screaming “Will anyone do my assignment" does not at all help. Instead, it is always better to help oneself.

These days there are many assignment help services online. One call to them and all your assignment woes get solved. It helps in completing the assignments obviously, but with that, you should also give your endeavor to learn each topic well because you have to clear the exams with good marks.                                                                          

Trigonometry is one such division where students find a lot of difficulty in understanding the subject. With all those sin and cos involved, it gives nightmares to them adding great difficulty to the struggle. But there are few basic and simple rules that ease out the fright to study, the difficulty to learn, etc.

Tips on how to ease on trigonometry:

  • Trigonometry is one of the most important divisions in mathematics. It has immense application in many different areas. Hence it is a necessity that you master it. This will take quite some time than other topics because there is a huge range of things to learn. The most important thing about how to cope with it is by spending a good amount of time. Trigonometry needs devoted time to get all the equations by heart. Also, it needs time to understand how to apply those equations in the different kinds of sums.
  • Devote time to reading the books and lecture notes. This will help in giving a basic idea to the chapter and how to solve sums and do assignments. It is advised not to skip any chapter as they are interlinked. Jumping a chapter means that, the following chapters will seem more complex to you.  With the progression of the chapters, they start getting tough with increasing complexity in the equations.
  • Do not limit yourself to the sums at the back of your book. If you have to do your assignment properly, take sources from outside. Limiting yourself to the books means there is no scope to practice and gain confidence in trigonometry. This will also help during the exams.
  • Check on time allotment. This subject takes a lot of time since it has to be done very carefully. Hence, give the time when studying this topic or doing an assignment. One mistake in calculation and derivation can lead to the whole assignment and sums going wrong.
  • If you are confused anywhere, let your instructor or teacher know. Get your doubts cleared as soon as possible from him. You can also see through tutorials and other tables and guides if stuck anywhere. But the best thing will be consulting your teacher.

Few quick solutions

Master the basic formulas. Get them by heart. This will help you to go faster with the sums.

  • The first step is the conversion all sec, csc, cot, and tan to sin and cos. Use the quotient and reciprocal identities to do this.
  • The second step is checking to all the angles for sums and differences. Appropriate identities must be used to remove them.
  • The third step is checking for any multiple angles and removing those using appropriate identities.
  • The fourth step is expanding equations, combining like terms and simplifying the equations
  • The fifth step is to use Pythagorean identities to substitute cos powers greater than 2 with sin powers.
  • The sixth step is factorization of all numerators and denominators and cancellation of any common factors.
  • The seventh step will give the result that both sides are equal and the identity is proven.

It is good to have few tools ready when sitting with trigonometry:

      1. A good scientific calculator: It is important that you have a good scientific calculator. Since it can calculate different complex scientific calculations, it is easy to work with the aspects of trigonometry and calculate the angles. Without a calculator, it is a tough task which is almost impossible to a student.

      2. Keep all the other tools handy: Other tools like a compass, rulers, set of protractors, dividers, etc. that are needed to do the sums must be kept handy when sitting to do trigonometry assignments. They help to draw neat lines and arcs.

     3. Keep a list of all trigonometry equation ready: A neat list of all the trigonometry equations is a necessity to be always kept as it helps to revise all the clauses quickly. Also, you do not have to go through the book every time you need to do a sum or write something related. This also saves times till you get all the equations by heart.

     4. The Internet: If you are stuck somewhere, go through the Internet and check through forums and websites that deal with this topic. There is an ample amount of information and lots of videos with illustrations that will help you understand what the problem is and how to solve it.

These simple and basic guides will show the path for a good study on this subject. Also, it will help you to ease out on the assignments.

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