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Vitamins are indispensable elements that are not produced by human body in sufficient quantities and needs to be consumed externally. These are the building blocks for growth, immunity and development. A human should be attentive about vitamin intake as its inadequacy can cause harmful diseases and it’s better to eat natural vitamin instead of vitamin inchemical form. There are 2 types of vitamins:

Fat Soluble Vitamins: This category of vitamins are stored in liver or fatty issues for future use. A person may face fat soluble vitamin deficiency if intake of vitamin A, D, E and K are low. Having said this, excess of these vitamins can lead to toxicity as these are stored in body for longer time and these vitamins do not burn out while cooking.

Water Soluble Vitamins: Unlike fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins require to be disposed-off from body every day. Its essentials are consumed by body, however, the excess needs to be dumped off through urine. These get evaporated while cooking or even due to exposure to air. Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic acid, Pantothenic acid) and Vitamin C are considered as water soluble vitamins and their regular intake is essential.

Are You Deficient in Any of these Vitamins?

Vitamin deficiency can invite serious problems to health which may prove fatal on longer run. The excess of anything is disadvantageous and same is the case with vitamins, excess vitamin levels in body also cause diseases. Following are a few diseases caused due to deficiency of a particular vitamin:

·         Vitamin A- Night blindness

·         Vitamin B1- Beri-beri

·         Vitamin B2- Glossitis

·         Vitamin B3- Pellagra

·         Vitamin B5- Paresthesia

·         Vitamin B6- Anemia

·         Vitamin B7- Dermatitis

·         Vitamin B9- Neural tube defects during pregnancy and megaloblastic anemia

·         Vitamin B12- Pernicious anemia

·         Vitamin C- Scurvy

·         Vitamin D- Rickets

·         Vitamin E- Sterility in males and miscarriage in females

·         Vitamin K- Bleeding diathesis


Mir-x Vitamins Remedy Enriching Vitamin Levels the Ayurvedic Way

Mir-x Vitamins Remedy is a rescue to vitamin deficiency problems. The product is composed of natural herbs and is proficient in balancing vitamin levels.The components of Mir-x Vitamins Remedy substitute benefits of different types of vitamins. For instance, the product helps in treating problems associated with vision, skin, infections, thus, complementing vitamin A benefits.

The product boosts metabolism tendering vitamin B1 benefits. The key elements that compose Mir-x Vitamins Remedy include amla, ashwagandha, amalkirasayan, kumara, etc. These elements are passed through quality tests and any element not matching the standards is discarded from production.

Miric Biotech has formulated Mir-x Vitamins Remedy based on Ayurvedic principles. It increases capability of our system to produce adequate vitamins for smooth processing of functions. It detoxifies the vulnerable organs and untints the blood stream.

The product leaves no side effects and this has been tested clinically. Having said that the product is not recommendable for pregnant woman, it brings fruitful results to normal people. Our patrons have highly acclaimed the product and have recommended to those suffering from vitamin deficiency issues.

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