B2B SEO Techniques for Growth of Your Enterprise

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In this era of teamwork, B2B companies are the perfect helping hands for the entrepreneurs for the business-related services. The companies or entrepreneurs themselves are the customers of B2B companies. Like other companies, SEO is a powerful technique to get new customers or clients for B2B companies.

The major aspect of B2B SEO is target keywords. Not working on keywords means losing business every day. The reason behind this is that most of the decision makers from the B2B process do the market research online before taking the buying decision. According to some reports, the digit of such consumers goes to 60%. So, if your keywords are not ranked on the first page, you may be losing your customers. With the help of B2B SEO process, you can get more traffic over your website. Let’s first understand what exactly B2B SEO is.

The Concept of B2B SEO

It is needless to mention that SEO means optimizing your web pages using some techniques. SEO increases the chances for your webpage to appear on the first page or in the top search results of Google. B2B SEO is another dimension of SEO. It is working on the key pages of a business website, for which a B2B SEO strategy is designed. With the help of B2B SEO marketing, your web pages come in the attention of the potential clients or customers. For instance, if the executive or proprietor of some startup firm searches “HR service”, your B2B search marketing can help him/her in you on Google or other search engines. So, you will have no or less need to go after the B2B companies. The companies or their decision makers themselves will come to you. The potential B2B customers, who are looking what you are selling, may contact you. It will be a perfect idea to compare B2C SEO and B2B SEO in order to understand.

How B2B SEO Is Different from B2C SEO

The goals of B2B SEO are different in some ways as compared to B2C SEO. Your approach for B2B SEO depends upon various factors. First, it highly depends upon the nature of the products or services you offer. Another thing is the lifespan of each of your product or service. The requirements of B2B clients or customer also decide your approach for B2B SEO. Here are some of the key differences between B2B SEO and B2C SEO.

B2B SEO Focuses on Intangible Products/Services

Unlike B2C SEO, B2B SEO focuses on intangible products or services. As a matter of the fact, the two types of companies, i.e., B2C and B2B, have different types of products or services. B2B focuses on customer business whereas B2C focuses on an individual. Therefore, your SEO campaign focuses on the businesses in B2B SEO.

Quality Matters in Case of B2B rather than Quantity

Quality is the major factor in the case of B2B optimization. In general, or most often in case of B2C, the performance is evaluated inconsistent manner. But, due to quality factor, B2B keeps different approach. Impulse can drive B2C sales, whereas weeks or even months can take place in case of B2B.

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The difference in User Intent

In the case of B2C and B2B, there are different user intents. So, it impacts on the focus required for these two types of SEO from the very beginning. The information searched by both types of customers is different from each other. Multiple considerations can be done by B2B customers. It is not a decision on an individual. The decision makers of B2B businesses also take the advice from their fellow executives. So, the sales cycle in case of B2B can be elongated as compared to B2C.

Approach for Keywords

Keyword research is necessary for both B2B and B2C companies. But, the type of research in case of B2B is more comprehensive as compared to B2C. It requires industry-specific and high-level intelligence. The approach is to understand the requirements of the potential customers as well as what they would search for.

So, all this is a basic difference between B2B and B2C SEO. The next significant thing is how to apply B2B SEO techniques.

B2B SEO Tips

The right techniques and work towards improving your site ranking can take business at a great level. Here are some of the B2B SEO tips that you can use.

Keyword Target Is Not Everything

Although it is necessary to work on keywords, in the present scenario, the keyword target is not everything. You are required to think beyond this also. Google has released a lot of new updates in the past few years. Google algorithm knows now in a number of cases what the context is of the things you are searching for. So, the overall process of keywords should be re-thought several times. Appending the right information according to the authority of the subject is the first prerequisite. There should not be the overstuffing of keywords, otherwise, the website can be penalized.

Focus on the Content according to Nerve of Customers

Content is the king, a very popularly used phrase these days, wishes to say that you need to focus on SEO Content Marketing if you wish to capture the nerve of customers in case of B2B SEO. There should be personalized content with which the customers could connect themselves. The content should be written in the way that could address the issues, which customers are desirous to understand.

There are different ways to do this. First, you need to collect the data from different sources. You can conduct the surveys via email and mobile to know about the needs of the consumers. The collected data is required to be analyzed and you need to consider the pain points. You can also use the industry blogs and articles in order to understand the needs of the consumers.

Take Advantage of Schema Markup

Google ranking highly depends upon the type of stuff your website has. If your website doesn’t have the stuff according to the needs of the customers, Google doesn’t rate you high. Schema markup is highly useful for B2B e-commerce SEO. The schema can be used by them for showing more information about their product and rating or review, which are received by other customers. Google serves it results in different ways. First, the rich snippets offer more insight into the search result. Secondly, the answer boxes are helpful for the users to find the exact results, which they need. AMP results and reviews from customers are also the factors, which can be considered by Google in this regard.

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Optimizing the Meta Descriptions

Like B2C SEO, B2B also has a great significance of Meta description. In the case of B2B, the significance of Meta is enhanced a lot. On one hand, these descriptions are the wonderful sources to weave your keyword; on the other hand, they provide the great method to find more people to click your website. When the user knows clearly what our website is about, he/she is more likely to visit your website.

The Meta description should have your main keyword, and it should be created with optimal length, which can be between 130 to 160 characters.

Apart from “how to apply”, there is one more interesting aspect is “where to apply” B2B SEO. You can read about some of the significant pages, on which you can apply the techniques.

Key Areas to Apply B2B SEO

Although, there is no limit for where you can apply the SEO technique on B2B pages, there are some pages, which need significant attention in this regard.


Homepage tells the users about your prospects and also provides positive feelings to the buyers of your products or services. However, when the target audiences search for some keyword related to your product or services, and they find your website, it is not necessary that they will reach your homepage. Google may also redirect you to some other page. But, many times the search begins from this page. Moreover, this is one of the pages, which users visit in order to get a concise view of your website.

About Us Page

Users also want to know details about your enterprise, so the About Us is another page, which a number of visitors click while visiting your website. SEO for this page at the websites of B2B business is one of the important aspects without any second thought.

Specification Page

The specifications about your products or services are one of the aspects, which allure the users. This page provides clarity to the users and assists them in their business problems. So, it is also a page to work upon.

Company Blog

If you maintain a company blog and it provides great post then it gives good stuff for optimizing your websites. Moreover, the blog pages regularly provide the fresh content to the website, which helps to rank your website in top search results.

Comparison Pages

You can also maintain a comparison page, for providing the relative difference of your company with your closest competitor. It is because some of the visitors may be those who are searching for the alternative of their existing B2B solutions. You can get approached by the potential customers by targeting the keywords in connection to your competitor’s company’s name.

Summing Up

So far we have understood that B2B SEO differs from B2C SEO. These differences can be minute but the results vary significantly. Taking your business in front of other businesses with the help of SEO can work wonders.

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