B2B Content Marketing Strategy to the 21st Century

by David Jones Digital Marketor

Adapt Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy to the 21st Century

A documented marketing plan is always better than an ad hoc approach. 41% of the best B2B presenters have a documented strategy for 2021. Of those who have a documented plan, 69% were the most successful in their endeavors and this number has increased over the years. When it comes to digital content, it’s important to justify your basics - before you begin your process of creating content, make sure you follow best SEO practices. Search algorithms are updated regularly to give people more accurate results and taking care of this overall aspect of your entire content ensures that your content is successful online according to project. Your content strategy will work well online only after the SEO process has been accounted for to each content format you create. Social media algorithms tend to favor visual content, use that to better advertise your content. Good strategies have common features like those described below.

Who are you talking to?

The first step in formulating a strategy is to find out who will find your product or service the most useful. It’s not as simple as saying you’re targeting a particular industry. A detailed person should be created with background, likes, interests, life goals and annual income. Remember that a buyer-person differs from a target audience in that it enters a detailed profile of the ideal customer of your larger target audience. You can go a step further and divide this character into various buyers. Just as a buyer’s journey on B2B is not always linear, the customer base on B2B is often diverse. From here you can narrow down your character and identify who can help your company grow best and target everyone in turn.

Define Your Goals

To create a comprehensive B2B content strategy, you cannot simply identify one end goal. Each stage of the purchasing journey will have a separate goal to be achieved and stage-specific KPIs. This is especially important when creating content for the intended stage of the buying journey. When a potential customer enters a search term into Google, they want an accurate answer. Sometimes they are looking for a website, sometimes it is just informative, and the intention may also be to buy something. Instead of trying to figure out the search term they use, try to understand why finding their answer is important to their business. Make sure there is no speculation in this process and sometimes you can understand this simply by asking your audience through a survey or survey. Obtaining first-hand information from your audience can have a major impact on creating accurate KPIs. It also helps to develop the right branded voice that will resonate with your audience and help you create truly engaging content.

Learn from Your Fellows

The content marketing landscape has become such a crowded space that there are more than enough mistakes to learn if you keep your eyes open. There are also many successful marketing campaigns that have used unique approaches to reach customers. Watching competitors doesn’t mean you need to imitate their approach. You can use it as an opportunity to separate yourself. Assess the maturity level of your content marketing effort - whether it’s in the early stages of becoming a process, measuring successful metrics is gradually becoming more complex, or whether it’s a fully scalable business strategy.

Use Apt Distribution Channels

Make sure the medium you use to convey your brand’s messaging matches your brand image and voice. Marshall McLuhan was a communication theorist who said the medium is the message, and that still holds true today.

The distribution channel you choose to communicate to customers affects how the message is received. Being present on various platforms is a good idea, but choose wisely when, where and how you choose to interact with customers on these platforms. The messaging needs to be consistent so that customers associate a sense of trustworthiness with your brand. This strategy can also have a positive impact on each customer’s lifetime value.

B2B-Used Generated Content

The current times might be the best time to experiment with user-generated content (UGC) in your company. Most of the social interaction takes place through technology, so the potential is high. There are great examples of content marketing like IBM made it work for them, so why can’t you?

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