Ayurvedic Products is the Ultimate routine for healthy hair

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Do you know that your healthy hair is a reflection of your personality, diet, and lifestyle? Yes! Traditional Ayurveda focuses on the importance of the relationship between healthy eating, care, habits, and a healthy body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda is not only based on topical treatments with medicinal or natural herbs but it involves the concept of wholesome well-being. This holistic approach also applies to your hair care routine and health.

Let’s deliberate how you can adopt an Ayurveda Hair Care Routine in detail:

Identify Your Hair Type

Ayurveda therapy is always based on the three vital energies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that regulate all our body activities known as tridoshas. Each individual has a dominance of one or two energies out of 3 that basically determines your hair type and thus your curls have different variations like dry, silky, straight, curly, etc.

Choose Hair Products Based On Your Hair Type

The very fundamental hair care products are hair oil, hair shampoo, and hair conditioner. Choosing the right natural herbal products or ayurvedic products is necessary as one wrong product may aggravate your hair condition and can create an imbalance in your vital energies or doshas. You can easily explore herbal products online and check reviews and ratings for the best ones.

Regular Hair oiling

Regular Oiling your hair and scalp rejuvenates hair follicles and helps promote healthy, strong, shiny hair. It provides deep nourishment and conditioning long with strong voluminous hair and strengthened roots. From normal daily hair oils; there are also specific hair growth oils in Ayurveda that are meant to prevent hair fall and reduce thinning hairline and hair loss. It is recommended to oil your hair 2-3 times a week and either oil during the night or 20 minutes before hair-wash. Your frequency of oiling may vary depending on your hair type. Further for better results always massage with a lukewarm oil which proves to be an exceptional conditioning treatment. Similarly, follow the same routine with oil for hair growth.

Washing Hair Regularly

A regular hair wash is a must to cleanse the accumulated dirt, excess oil, and grime from your scalp and unclog hair follicles. Choose an Ayurvedic shampoo suitable for your hair. If you are facing dandruff issues; you can go for Ayurvedic anti-dandruff shampoo that includes natural herbs like Reetha (Soapnut), Shikakai (Soap pod), Triphala powder, etc. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is recommended.

Always Condition Your Hair after Shampoo

You must apply the hair conditioner after every wash to manage your unruly tresses or frizz after a wash or an Ayurvedic anti-dandruff conditioner if you have dandruff or rough hair. Ayurveda also suggests applying some hair mask or “Lep” fortnightly to condition and nourish deeply your hair and scalp. It further helps combat stress and anxiety. 

Comb the right Way

To enhance blood circulation in the scalp, one of the effective ways is to keep combing your hair. it not only detangles unruly hair but also spread the natural oils evenly throughout the hair strands. But the combing should be gentle as the rigorous comb may lead to hair breakage and split-ends. Do not share your comb with anyone and it’s better to use a wooden comb with blunt-toothed ends.

Cut and Trim Your Hair Regularly

Ensure cutting and trimming your hair regularly every 10-12 weeks as the broken hair, split-ends, etc. gives a very thin-looking and rough hair texture.

Avoid Chemical-based Products

The synthetic products strip off the natural and necessary oils from the scalp and remove even the hair protein unbalancing the pH level. So avoid using chemical products and switch to natural herbal products to attain holistic hair health.

Avoid Styling Using Heat or Artificial colors

The heat styling tools, blow dryers, straightening irons, etc. slurps the hair moisture leaving abrasive hair with serious damage causing dryness, dullness, breakage, and hair fall. You must avoid these tools or any artificial colors to give them an unnatural look.

Apart from these, always Protect Your Hair from Environmental pollution, Eat a balanced diet and Exercise Regularly for shiny and problem-free hair. 

A Basic Simple Routine to be followed is


  • Gently Comb your hair twice.

  • Exercise for a few minutes at least 20-30 min.

  • Eat a nutritious diet with enriching foods for hair growth

  • Adequate sleep for at least 6 hours


  • Massaging hair and scalp with warm oils twice 

  • Gently washing at least twice.

  • Conditioner after every wash.


  • The condition with a hair mask once or twice 

  • Choose some Ayurvedic Therapy if possible.

  • Trimming and cutting your hair every 10-12 weeks.


Ayurveda is the way of life that balances to remain balanced and spirited by aligning our body and spirit rightly aligned with the rhythms of nature. Haircare is no exception to it. Following the right hair care routine along with other dietary and lifestyle habits is a must while the product selection is equally important. The Ayurvedic hair growth oil, Hair shampoo or hair conditioner, hair mask, etc. are some of the basic herbal product lines for your regimen to deeply nourish your hair and scalp for volume, shine, and vitality.

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