Avoiding Dental Troubles for a Flawless Smile

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A smile is a person’s most attractive feature. It is a source of endless joys in life. A smile reveals the prized pearls we call teeth and their shine dazzles hearts as we share delights in life. Our teeth are a sure blessing and the most prized possession of a person. Teeth are what grace our smile that expresses our sincere affection. A welcoming show of pearly whites makes a great first impression.


It sure is a fact that teeth are very strong and are there to last for a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean we can take for granted their uses and have them utilized as alternatives for openers and scissors. There is a limit to what our teeth can endure and as much as strong they might be, they are vulnerable to decay and breaking if not properly tended to. Keeping one’s teeth in proper shape requires regular dental visits, but the journey of dental hygiene maintenance starts at home.


Teeth are what determine oral health and the common habits like smoking, careless maintenance, excess sweet intake, etc. have a negative impact on the same. Sloppy teeth care will lead to timely troubles and hurt the prospects of sound oral hygiene. Such behaviors can spell troubles for teeth and gums and prevention is the best remedy to avoid any.


Many considerably innocent habits can damage teeth causing decay, tooth erosion and chipping of enamel. The most common don’ts which can be a cause of tooth decay and lead to unhygienic oral state have been shared as below:


       Eating what is good.

What you eat matters. Too much sweetness spoils the teeth. There is an effect of everything a person eats on the oral hygiene. While candies are known to be the root cause of tooth decay, constant exposure to caffeine and cocoa products can lead to permanent discoloration of the teeth surface prompting the visit to a dentist offering best teeth whitening. Hard candies are known to be the universal agents of tooth decay as they have excess sugar content and pose a risk of tooth chipping and breaking.


      § Using your teeth as tools.

Opening bottles, breaking nuts and tearing plastic bags grind the teeth surfaces and threaten the integrity of the precious pearls. There are specific tools for each job and they offer better results as compared to our teeth. Many people have a habit of chewing on plastics, especially on the pen caps and utilizing teeth as load carriers when our hands are full. All these habits are catalysts that accelerate tooth decay and compromise oral hygiene.


§      Excess citrus intake.

Any acidic eatables especially citrus fruits have a harmful effect on teeth as they cause tooth enamel to erode. Enamel is the protective covering and is considered to be extremely strong. Prolonged exposure to acidic food can gradually harm the integrity of the layer and cause its decay. Eroding enamel exposes the inner layers of dentine and leaves them prone to the risk of cavities.  


§     Sticky foods stay long.

Certain foods are sticky and tend to stay in our mouths longer than expected. Most dry fruits despite their overall health benefits stuck on the teeth and without brushing and extensive flossing, don’t hesitate to go away. So it is advised to at least brush the teeth after chewing sticky foods. 


      § Teeth grinding.

Some people snore while asleep while many others have a habit of grinding on their teeth. It is an unconscious behavior and is called Bruxism and its effects remain persistent during all times. Excess grinding risks chipping of teeth surfaces and graining of the same. While there is no cure to it, its effects can be relieved by consuming easily chewable foods during day to ease of any pain caused. To fade the effects of the trouble, avail the services of best teeth whitening dentist.    


§      Limiting alcohol consumption.

Any alcohol product or drink causes extensive dehydration of the mouth and risks decay of teeth. Excessive intake of alcohol hampers saliva flow and can cause oral infections. It is better to refrain from alcohol or if that’s hard, chew on sugarless gum as it inhibits saliva formation and will bath your mouth preventing any troubles.


They say that the road to a person’s soul is through their eyes. But if one wishes to know exactly what someone is all about, note their smile. There is honestly and emotion in a smile and teeth grace the beauty of it. Stay away from all the habits stated above to prevent any dental issues but if the troubles still persist, have the dentists at Brighton East Dental Clinic serve you the delights of healthy teeth and a faultless smile! 

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