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Motorcycle Danger
While automobile collisions may cause significant injuries to drivers or passengers, a motorcyclist is actually twenty-six times more likely to suffer a fatal injury than someone in a car. This is a fact notwithstanding the thick leather and protective helmets worn by motorcyclists.  
So why is this the case?  At the outset, the fact that a motorcycle only has two wheels creates a greater likelihood that an operator will lose balance as compared to a vehicle with four wheels.  
Next, with no external frame to protect the operator, a motorcycle has another inherent danger that is not found in enclosed cars and trucks. 
Further, the smaller size of a motorcycle obvious crates a situation where other vehicles on the road will have more trouble seeing—and avoiding—them. 
In addition, without safety features such as airbags, backup cameras, and more, motorcycles are far less safe than cars or trucks.
Finally, the noise created by motorcycles (from wind, loud engines, and other factors) makes it more difficult for their riders to hear car horns, skidding vehicles, and other sounds that, if they had heard, would make it safer.
In addition to being more dangerous, these factors also create an inherent bias against motorcycle operators and make it more difficult to prevail at trial.  This is in part why it is so important to retain an Alaska Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to prosecute your claims.  
Who to Sue for your Motorcycle Accident
The Best Attorneys In Wasilla Ak know that It may not be just another driver that may be liable for injuries arising out of your motorcycle incident.  Indeed, the top attorneys will not limit the amount of people or entities you can sue, as any good faith claim can and should be pursued.
For example, if you are involved in a collision, the other driver should obviously be sued.  If you wipe out on a road full of debris, the owners of the roadways or those who are responsible to keep them free of mess and safe are appropriate defendants.  If your motorcycle slips in or near a construction site, any and all persons or entities involved with said construction can be held responsible if they failed to (a) properly clean the area, (b) provide warning signs that the area was unsafe or (c) rope off or otherwise barricade the dangerous areas.
Benefits of Settlement
  • Long delays and uncertainty are avoided through settlement.  When trying to resolve a motorcycle claim through negotiation and settlement, you should keep in mind at least the following factors.

  • As described above, there is an inherent bias that non-bikers have against bikers due to the perceived danger of motorcycle riding and, as such, a jury may not be as impartial as it should be, something that could significantly reduce awards;

  • Because you have to prove the level of injury commensurate with how sever your injuries and damages were, your attorney will have to help you prove (a) economic damages (such as medical bills, lost wages, and other objective numbers) and (b) non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, etc.), which is not always easy to do:

  • You are likely going to be limited to being awarded the other person’s maximum insurance levels.  So, if the defendant has a policy limit of $25,000.00, you are maxed out at a $25,000.00 recovery.  As such, it is illogical to go to trial if the full policy amount is offered.
An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows that there are many challenges to motorcycle claims and the best way to prosecute the claim, including when to settle.  The best attorneys are able to do this.

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