Artificial Intelligence Is Providing A New Face To Digital Marketing

by John Fostar Media Releation
Technology is revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers.

With the help of advanced software and a huge gear of customer data, companies are able to perform targeted marketing with exceptional competence.

It is no surprise therefore that a good slice of executives are planning to allocate more on their budgets for innovative marketing technologies.

You should not be surprised if marketing approaches make a huge shift in the coming years.

Rather you may see marketing taking a shape that is unrecognizable from the current molds. 

A glimpse of the future is already before us.

Artificial Intelligence or AI in short has come to stay. 

A sterling example is voice assistants on your mobiles.

Chatbots are software that performs conversations via auditory or textual modes. 

Needless to say Chatbots are the future of digital marketing.

It is a concept based on artificial intelligence. 

Digital marketing industry leaders are realizing that chatbots can improve service experience and forcefully articulate the benefits of products and brands.

Chatbots do more. 

While they network with consumers, they garner data, monitor customer behavior and keep a tab on how shoppers buy.

This is how artificial intelligence in digital marketing is making leeway into innovative business strategies. 
Here is another aspect to make note of.

With social media becoming the preferred platform to promote merchandize and services, marketers are synchronizing chatbots as extensions for responding to key enquiries.

By providing a vibrant and real time interface chatbots have become a key element in digital marketing strategy. 
Benefits of chatbots are several to include availability round the clock, saving in time and cost effectiveness. 

Chatbots handle several customers simultaneously, so waiting time is almost zero. 

Artificial intelligence is structuring intelligent machines that can think and react like humans. 

With artificial intelligence systems, marketers are enhancing their campaigns’ performance and ROI. 

So does it mean that AI can curate content?

The answer is a vehement yes.

Artificial intelligence has the wherewithal to curate and generate content. 

Media giants like Washington Post have already started leveraging AI technology.

Robots are assisting reporters by automated new coverage, with the result error rates have gone down drastically and the output increased manifold. 

Yet we must keep in mind that artificial intelligence has limitations.

Its performance and responses are limited to data available
Frequent & repetitive tasks can be performed by AI but exceptional tasks may need human intervention
It is an innovative technology. Costs can be high and maintenance may require special expertise.
There could be error in algorithms that may need to be addressed by human intervention.

In the years to come we can expect the above issues to be resolved to a great extent.

In any case Artificial Intelligence in digital advertising has come to stay.

Almost all the present digital campaigns have some element of AI. Electronic billboards are a good example.
AI uses complex algorithms and big data to depict the right kinds of advertisements to the right audience. 

Companies are pouring money into AI based investments. 

We can expect more user-evidences and soon discover the most effective way to use AI in digital marketing. 

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