Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions & Answers You Must Know – Frequently Asked In 2020

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

One of the emerging fields of 2020 and the times to come is AI. Though this technology is there for a long time, there has been a steady growth in this technology in the last few years. It finds different applications across different fields. There is a growing demand for AI experts across different industries.  

So, if you are planning to become an AI expert, then you must go for an Artificial Intelligence certification program by Global Tech Council. The platform offers an online training program in AI, and this comprehensive program contains all the details about AI and allied concepts. We bring you some of the common questions that you might face during an interview.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a field where the cognitive functions of the human brain are studied and are replicated on a machine or system. AI is widely used for various applications like reasoning, decision-making, speech recognition, perception, etc. 

2. What are some of the applications of AI?

  • NLP

  • Chatbots

  • Self-driving cars

  • Sales prediction

  • Image tagging

  • Facial expression recognition

3. What is the programming language used in AI?

  • R

  • Lisp

  • Java

  • Prolog

  • Python

4. How is machine learning related to AI?

It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. The objective is that the machine will learn and perform a better task than humans doing the same. It is basically the practical application of AI.

5. What is Automatic Programming?

It describes what a program needs to perform and then have the AI system write the program.

6. How is Bayesian Network related to AI?

The Bayesian network is a graphical model for probabilistic relationships among a set of variables. It replicates the human brain in processing variables.

7. What is the Turing test?

This test is done to test a machine’s ability to match human-level intelligence. Basically, in this test, human intelligence challenges, and when the machine passes the test, it is considered intelligent. 

8. What is fuzzy logic?

It is a subset of AI. It helps in encoding human learning for artificial processing. It is represented as IF-THEN rules.

9. Why Is Image Recognition a Key Function of AI?

Visuals are more effective. AI is designed to replicate human brains. Thus, teaching machines to recognize and categorize images is a part of AI.  It helps the machine to learn as more images are a process. The more images are processed, the more the software recognizes, thus making AI application more effective and emulate the human brain. 

10. What are the steps involved in Machine Learning?

Here are certain steps that one follows in machine learning:

  • Collection of data

  • Preparation of data

  • Choosing the right model

  • Training the dataset

  • Evaluating the data

  • Parameter tuning

  • Predictions

I hope you have now got a fair idea of the AI interview questions. So if you’re not sure your AI education is at the level it should be before you start job hunting, then consider pursuing certification in AI or even a training program that can prepare you for a career as an Artificial Intelligence Expert. If you wish to gain experience in AI technology and become an AI expert and wish to see your career transforming for the better, you can check out the certifications and the Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert & Certified Artificial Intelligence Developer offered by Global Tech Council.

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