Artificial Intelligence: A boon to the entire World

by Smarty Warner seo expert

The rapid advancements in the technological department in the course of the previous few years are astonishing. But what’s even more surprising is their quick and swift inclusion into the life of a common man. It took nature billions of years to create an intelligent species, but what’s startling is that how quickly humans have developed, and created new technologies over the time, and how quickly they have included them into their lives, almost like an embedded jewel, essentially making them an irreplaceable part of their daily lives. Today, we have reached as far as moon, and have created numerous artificially intelligent objects, like our own.

In today’s world, artificial intelligence softwares and assistants are found everywhere. In phones, computers, cars, GPS systems, transportation, healthcare, banking and about everywhere you can imagine. For an instance, Amazon Echo, a wide variety of portable speaker by Amazon, comes with Alexa which is a virtual assistant. She can play music, make calls, setup reminders, manage-to-do-lists, read headlines, or just simply gossip like a regular being. I for myself enjoy talking to AI bots, for they are often as entertaining ashumans. If you are looking forward to buy the speaker which can entertain you in your lesisure time or in a party then you can grab it during the Amazon Echo Black Friday 2019 Sale.

I recall an incident from a few months ago, back at my uncle’s home, in the first metropolitan city I had been to. I was really flabbergasted when I first-hand witnessed his collection of gadgets and pieces of technology he had collected over long period of time. It was like a history museum of technology. He had all types of different pieces from big old telephones, to huge old computers, and computer parts, old Macintoshes, floppies made decades ago, early phones, rams, motherboards and so on. In his collection laid out from old to new, in the trip through time, we found numerous old forgotten pieces of some era’s most superior technologies.

However, now they were just like dust on the pages of history. But as we moved towards the end, the pieces started appearing more and more familiar, until at the very end, everything was almost recognizable and brand new. As a technologist enthusiast, it is his hobby to collect about every new piece of technology available in the market and he does it gracefully. Later at our meeting, we discussed the upcoming advancements, and made futile attempts to predict the future. How life would change in the upcoming 10-15 years, and how far humanity would have reached. He agreed with my opinion that artificial intelligence indeed has a really bright future ahead of it, and humanity is most likely to evolve much more before reaching the saturation point, if it ever will.

A meeting to remember and an opinion to value, with my vague thoughts, fantasies, and attempts to lay a finger of the future, I came back home, back to my to-be-primitive world. Where I exist, wandering in my own world of fantasies.

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