How to Tame Frizzy Hair - A Complete Guide

by Tyler T. Professional Digital Marketing Expert

Many Hair Experts say that blow-drying using hot tools creates a lot of wisdom here from personal experience. You know my hair used to be just as frizzy when I was 10 and I had Virgin untouched hair no blow dry and no straightening on Curly. It's just this freezing now that I've been using a lot of hot tools.


Start with a good haircut

It didn't affect my hair so I can't say for other people but I will say that if you do chemical straightening then that will create more frozen your hair or if you bleach it here. Now, why would that happen? Because bleaching or chemically straightening your hair makes the hair drier. 


Always use conditioner

It sucks up more moisture from the hair so naturally, your hair is going to be more frizzy. I had a matrix brass off shampoo, one of that one it just came out maybe three and a half years ago and I was like Oh my God finally I don't have to freeze it here anymore because what that does is like smell do you hear.


But I would never recommend them because it dried out my here. Yes, it made it straight. So when I watched my hair it was kind of straight it wasn't wavy but it wasn't like perfectly straight either. But, in the long run, it really kind of dried out my hair more. And you know once the chemical trimmings came out of my hair it became more frizzy and triter. 


Use a hydrating mask once a week

So I wouldn't recommend that I even write an article about it when we just started our website and a few months later when I saw what it did to my hair I had to take it down because I didn't want other girls to go through that again.


And I also missed my curly hair. So the only thing is just learning how to treat the Prince and that I will explain on the site. OK. So what to do and what not to do. One thing that you can do if you have curly and wavy hair don't ever brush it when you're here is dry. What is that going to do? It's just going to create a frizzy mess. What I do usually is when I come out of the shower I told dry my hair very gently.


Use Coconut oil into Your Hair

When my hair is damp I just start to brush it slowly from the bottom of my hair and then slowly moving up and then you know I'll just start blow-drying my hair with a round brush. That is important because there are some brush smooth as the cuticles and makes the hair look smooth and shiny and takes hold of the fruit.


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